Sunday, 6 August 2017

Nice Nails with Jamberry

Hey Guys!

As I'm slowly getting back into this blogging business, I'm starting to try and find more people to collab with. Today I'm working with Laila, a Jamberry independent consultant. She sent me some snazzy samples and I'm gonna show you how easy they are to use! I mean if I can't even mess this up, the odds are in your favour!

Jamberry is the Aladdin's cave of nail products, including do-it-yourself nail wraps. With the prettiest of designs, products that are in it for the long haul and prices that won't send you into your overdraft, what more could you want? Oh a tutorial and review... Well, yeah, sure I can help with that!

I've decided to try one of the lovely samples and put it through the seven day challenge. I'm not gonna lie, I've started on the hardest day with hair washing, tyre pressure checking, baking and washing up all happening today. But if the nail wraps can make it through today they'll fly through the rest of the week!

I've chosen to road test the middle striped design, against a regular Model's Own nail polish. I've put each competitor on either hand and let battle commence. But how did I get here? Laila sent everything I'd need to preen my nail for a striped accent design. After attending to any cuticle sitch and buffing your nail, clean with an alcohol wipe.

Then warm up your chosen Jamberry nail wrap with a hair drier, or I used the oven- works the same right? Once flexible stick onto your nail and rub down into place. Apply a gentle heat and rub again until all the bumps are gone. 

Simply trim off any excess and file to neaten up the edges, and voila! You've got yourself an intricate nail design in literally seconds! (plz don't judge me for the gel nail growth, #stillcutetho)

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I'll check back in with you next week to let you know how I got on...


So first thing you'll see is that the Jamberry nail wrap outlasted 3 week old gel nails, which is always a plus (that'll teach me for being really lazy and not taking them off before started this!)! There was one time I started picking at the nail wrap because it felt like another gel nail, but a quick zap with the hair dryer smoothed it right down. Good sign it felt like solid gel nail though, right?!

The pale blue nail polish on my other hand actually lasted so much better than nail polish normally does for me. So although it only has minimal chipping, it had gone all cracked and kind dirty around the tips. I think that's because my nails are so weak and bendy and the nail polish just wasn't made to flex like that! 

If you're desperate to see you can click on the images for closer inspection. But just take my word that the Jamberry nail wrap was here to stay and I reckon could have done longer than 7 days actually!

You can buy Jamberyy products from Laila here, join her Facebook group for prizes, tips and tricks or check out her instagram

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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