Saturday, 22 July 2017

Forever Enchanted

Hey Guys!

So I might have taken these photos all the way back in March when the actual Beauty and the Beast film came out... But now the DVD has just come out so, y'know, #stillrelevant! This Disney inspired slogan top is from Minkpink on ASOS. They had a whole Beauty and the Beast collection of items that were actually #goals. I totally heart eye emoji'd over the yellow lace dress that was mean to reflect Belle's yellow ballgown. But I kept my spending in check and just got this slogan tee. I don't have many basic style tees, where as I have enough dresses to style a nation! Sometimes I'll wear this top with a gingham midi skirt which is a girlier way to style it up.

I wouldn't usually wear a bejazzled bandana around my neck on a regular trip to the river, but it adds a little edge to this otherwise simple outfit. FYI, the jeans are ASOS own brand and they are sooo comfy and fit & flatter like a dream. Yeah buddy!

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