Monday, 13 March 2017

Mumma Knows Best: Smarten Up

Hey Guys!

Day 4 of Mumma Bow dresses Row Bow and we've hit the home straight! I'm feeling a smart/caj office wear kinda vibe from Mumma Bow's styling choices today.

As I write this post I have realised that I am just a mini me of Mumma in this look! The funky print, chiffon shirt paired with a spankly necklace and dark trousers is a classic combo for her. I feel like I've gone back to my 2013/14 days here with a bold print clashing again a cute hair accessory. Although I am still a fan of the look, especially the colour pallet with cool blue and purple tones. I like the warmer purple lipstick and how it balances the colour scheme. I wasn't sure about the open shoes and frilly white socks combo, there's something very school child about it. But y'know what, in reality I'm not that offended by it.

Cor, I gotta get back in the swing of how to write an actually helpful blog post. I've become too used to putting, 'so cute!' and that's it at work!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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