Tuesday, 29 April 2014

So You Think You're A Beauty Intern?

Hey Guys!

Today I was set the challenge to find lots of new products and imagery for the product page in the new issue of The Sunday Times Stye magazine. They work 2 weeks a head so new had to be new in 2 weeks time otherwise it is like, so, totally, old news! But it did mean I had the chance to complete my daily Beauty Cupboard rummage. I'd check all the boxes looking for releases that were around the End of April. I also googled (so hi-tech and profesh!) some imagery and peoples faces to accompany the product ideas. I literally thought I was on the biggest roll ever...until the product page theme changed which made all my research irrelevant...Oh! It changed a couple of times because K-Twizzle was trying to put in a certain new pretty product and we were trying to work around that. On the Wednesday she made her final decision and you guys can see that in the May 4th issue, I believe? I know I said they work 2 weeks ahead, but K-Twizzle is so organised she was steaming ahead with other weeks.

Uh-oh! Row managed to slip in some kids clothing into her work wear attire. Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Oh-well, I look darn cute in them, Hehe! This top is from the Teen (marginally better than going to the kids) section in M&Co. My little sister bought me the most horrific top one Christmas, a white short sleeved shirt with a chunky elastic belt (VILE and very 11 year old Row) so I took it back and exchanged it for this top, which she knew I wanted in the first place. Bless, she's learnt her lesson now and has acquired a much better taste for buying me clothes- not that she does it that often. The red skirt is probably my only purchase from Topshop, ever! It was in the sale for £10 and I still think thats super expensive for something I could have whipped up myself for £3. I strung a long necklace around the waist to look like a fetching belt.

K-Twizzle was quite taken by my big sock bun today. The sheer volume of it does throw people sometimes. Then with the added bejewelling it is pretty astonishing, HeHe!

I did have some more #bathroomselfies lined up for you today, but luckily someone was at home to photograph my hot look when I got back from work!

So the aforementioned little sister and I have had a massive essay writing weekend. I'm so good at procrastination I wrote half of her history essay and completed the maths paper she had to do all before I even attempted to open my essay document. I'm just waiting for her to do the maths paper now and the glorious moment where it's revealed I am the best mathematician in the fam. Woo-Hoo, #NerdyRow! However, the one time I got the whole family to do the mental maths paper 'for fun' (I thought it was great) Dad, who was totally caj about the test and talking and joking throughout it, ran away victorious! Literally out of nowhere! Anyway, I digress, we wanted some banging tunes to help us on our way and after taking it in turns to chose a song I put on Cody Simpson's Surfboard song. It is catchy, but it had us in fits of giggles. The repetition of the work board, board, board, board, board, board, board, board had us in hysterics. It's when you realise that although he's trying to sound all swaggy he's just saying the word 'board'. It reminded us of the seagulls in Finding Nemo. Such a joker, hehe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Friday, 25 April 2014

Take Cover, There's a Beauty Sale On!

Hey Guys!

This was the end of my first week working at Style, I'd had so much fun and learnt so much already. I still had 4 more days but I defo felt like I was fitting in nicely! I had managed to plan my placement very tactfully as today there was a MASSIVE Beauty Cupboard clear out and that meant there was a chance to nab some of the latest products that had just been released. As I'd been organising and popping products away all week, I was super excited to finally have the chance to be able to get my hands on some things. So as we started to set up I was on trolly duty, attempting (and sometimes failing, but sometimes winning) to manoeuvre this giant wheeled, railed container to transport products and bags from one end of the office all the way to the other side of the floor. I'm not gonna lie I thought it was going to be quite a dignified affair, but woah, how wrong was I? Even when we were still setting up the hoards of eager journalists were dribbling whilst peering through the glass walls. Eyes wide, they could smell their pray (the beauty essentials) as we filled a boardroom table and they worked out the best tactic to hunt down the prized products. But because little Row was the one moving everything here there and every where I had like 30 seconds to peruse the table of goodies to find whatever I fancied before the masses were let in. One lady who was helping set up had a whole bag bursting with treats before I'd even finished wheeling everything in! But I'm sure it was a benefit to myself as I already have a lot of products and I didn't really need anymore lipsticks or nail polishes. However, that didn't stop me from weaving in and out and around the table as the gannets used their arms as excavators collecting as much treasure as they could and stuffing it into goody bags.

Anyway, I'll give you a little lo-down on what I wore for this momentous occasion. The look started with the polka-dot midi-dress. But it was a little chilly, as it always is in England, so I added the long sleeved top and black tights. Sometimes I add tights to these body con dresses to make me feel like my gut is held in a little better. Mmmm, yummy! Fun Fact: The purple long sleeved top is actually a crop top so it kept my arms warm but meant I didn't totally overheat, nifty. I accessorised with a little pearl necklace and a grand floral crown. I painted my lips in what I would normally call my deep purple lipstick, but I've come to the conclusion that up close it isn't really that purple. It's more like a deep, rich red. Like red wine. But that's no problem now because I managed to save a proper purple lip crayon from the goody table at the beauty sale, so I now really do have a purple lipstick!

Massive apologies for the super blur on these images. I would say its' a new look, but that's the worst lie ever!

Since little bits and bobs from Ella Henderson had been popping up here and there, I've defo rediscovered my love for her. I've mentioned her before when we had 5 Tattoos, Waiting, Missed and of course her beautiful X Factor cover of Cher's Believe. But now we FINALLY have her debut single, Ghost, and I love, love, love it. The lyrics remind me of Kyla La Grange, when she's like 'I go, down to the river to pray'. I like that it's not really cheesy, but Ella is a true artist so we were never going to expect that really were we? In the video she has matured so much. Totally removed from the sweet 16 year-old we saw on the X Factor. Gone is the chunky eyeliner flicks, she's a white-oversized-shirt-adorned-siren now. #WatchOut!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Shirt 'n' Batman

Hey Guys!

I realise that I haven't actually told you guys about my time at The Times (oh, witty, I know!) so I thought I'd let you know about what got up to...

Initially, I wrote my e-mail to K-Twizzle, who is the Assistant Beauty Editor. Then on the Tuesday I met the official Beauty Editor E-Dizzle (Like the names? When have I ever given someone their actual name on here? Hehe!). On Monday I was eased into my new role by emailing lots of people asking for 'call ins' and 'price and stockist information'. The latter, I would say, I am DEFO fully qualified in now, the amount of e-mails I sent about it over the course of the two weeks. HeHe! Calling in products is such super quick process. I sent a request email mid-morning, then by mid-afternoon it was in my hands being taken to the in-house photographer. Speedy Gonzales or what? The photographer is only in 2 days a week, so K-Twizzle would gather products for her themed product pages and I'd bumble about taking the up to the photographer. Both E-Dizzle and K-Twizzle receive LOADS of bags with products in throughout the day, so another one of my roles was to tottle off down to the chilly post room and use my muscly guns to carry them all back to the office. Super exciting that on my 2nd day I received my very own first product bag! It was just a MAC eyeshadow that I had called in, but it was still super exciting! I can imagine that the novelty wears off though because once opened I had to store the bags, products and press releases in the haven known as The Beauty Cupboard. The small, probably, 2m by 2m room, hidden away in The Fashion Cupboard, is a holy grail for Beauty Bloggers. It played home to such a vast variety of products and brands. From Primark to Dior, Cellulite Creams to Seeds, it was my little hideaway during the week. I'm not gonna lie I do LOVE a good tidy up and organising. But only if it's not my mess. Weird Little Row Bow! My rooms at home are total tips and have organised clutter everywhere (meaning that although it looks a tip I actually am pretty confident I know where most things are...).  Big boxes are filled with new beauty releases, then anything 'old' meaning already released was scattered into littler boxes. Who needs the gym when I'm lifting heavy fragrance boxes from a head-height shelf down to the floor and back up again?

Now on to the look.
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, BATMAN! The men in the post room didn't recognise even recognise it was the B-Man at first. Shocking! I'm not a massive Batman fan (or a fan at all) but I adore this skirt. I like the bold colours and cartoonistic graphics. The skater shape of the piece with the added straps is so cute, perfect for Row Bow! I've worn it a few times before, a la here and here. This time I've attempted to smarted the skirt up. Teaming it with an oversized white shirt and buttoning it up all the way to the top is how I chose to do it. I've paired the buttoned up collar with a silver necklace, which sits nicely in the space around my neck.
I'm loving the scrunchie revival thats going on at the mo, and the scrunchie I've adorned my ponytail with totally matches the colourings of my skirt. What a cowinkydink!

Shift K3y has finally made my guilty pleasure Craig David listenings totally acceptable! His, what I believe is, debut single has sounds reminiscent to Craig David's early croonings from back in 2000. (Just wikied Craig David and who knew he is only 32? He already had an album out at my age...and what am I doing with my life...?)

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Just Add a Pair of Heels!

Hey Guys!

I will admit that I have already shown you guys this look last Summer here, but I added a different cardi and wore different shoes so I thought you might want a quick peek! This time I wore a deep red cardigan, which compliments the red lipstick I wore too. Instead of Dollie shoes (although I did take the first photo in Dollie shoes since I forgot to change them. Doofus!) I wore cute little blue, frilly ankle socks with my navy heeled brogues. I love these shoes and they are uber easy to walk in. Perfect for office work! I also added a lilac scrunchy to my curly pineapple hair do.

A pic from the actual day.
Yay, Sunny back garden pic!
Yes that is a road sign in the garden...
Deep down inside I'm not a mature nearly 20 year-old, no, I am a 13 year-old fan girl! I've had the One Direction phase (still going kinda!), The Wanted phase (look what happened to them...), more recently the Union J phase (fizzled out when I found the hot one has a GF of 3 years. HOW DID I MISS THAT? HeHe!). But now I'm totally hyped about The Vamps. I can tell this boyband infatuation cycle can't last much longer since only 2 of the boys are my age in this band. As my friend likes to frequently point out they look about 15, but I am assured they are all at least 18 now. Way-Hey, haha! They released their debut album Meet The Vamps this week and it is TOTES AMAZEBALLS! I would list a few of my fave songs, but they're all so friggin' fantastic. Although I think I have a tendency to over indulge in Dangerous and Lovestruck...
If you haven't heard much from The Vamps I would describe them as a mini McFly. They all play their own instruments and have a lucky-chappy vibe going on. But their music is 'acoustically driven' and although there are defo some cheesy lyrics (my fave!) they are undeniably catchy!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Heidi Braids

Hey Guys!

I saw Sophie from Darling Sophie rock this hair do with her Green ombre hair and decided I defo needed to give it a whirl, I'd been dying to anyway. I don't think ever in my life time has my hair been long enough to pin it up like this. I then noticed, while doing a little research for the Assistant Beauty Editor at Style mag, that Zoella had posted about 'Milkmaid Braids' (as she called them) the previous Sunday. We must all be the cool kids since great minds think alike and all! I even got a compliment from the lady who works opposite me in the office when we met in the loos. And the intern who sits along from me said how cute it looked. Lovely Jubbly!

Since I'd seen the general office attire yesterday, I decided to go a little more Row Bow style-ee today. This basically means whipping out a pink dress, hehe! I think my pretty hair and this dress look super cute together. Very little girly! I put on a navy cardigan for a little extra warmth, because it's a wee bit nippy in the early morn. However, what I hadn't noticed until the end of the day was that the (p)leather cap sleeves attempt to protrude out of the cardi. Giving me a pair of beautifully dench shoulders. It's a bit of a weird look, but I'm not sure how many people actually noticed, they were all captivated by my hair!

Sock and tights is a bit of a weird combination, but I adore these little white frilly socks and think they look uber cute with my hard-nut spiked trainers.

Cash Cash's song Take Me Home has been haunting me as I always heard the middle of it but never caught the artist. Now I know and I feel it's only right to share with you guys. The vocalist sounds a bit like Cher Lloyd but it's not, it's Bebe Rexah. Who I would quite like to hear more from!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 14 April 2014

The First Time I Interned...

Hey Guys!

So this one time I sent an email to Style Magazine and found myself working there the next Monday! #crazystuff! I was so lucky to have seen the urgent request for an intern come up. Style magazine is a Sunday Supplement magazine with The Sunday Times (a National Broadsheet for non-UKers). The Times covers all aspects of news throughout the supplements that accompany the newspaper. Style Magazine covers the Fashion, Beauty and Art of the world. And for 2 weeks, lucky little Row gets to be the Beauty Intern!

On my first day I literally had no idea what I would be doings, or even that I was the Beauty intern! I dressed pretty smart as it's an office based job. I based my look around these snazzy trousers. They're actually a hand me down from my sister since they didn't fit her when they arrived. Because they have a rather interesting design on them, I colour blocked the rest of my look, in a monochrome pallet, so I didn't appear too chaotic! I tucked in a white vest top and put on a black blazer.

I was super tempted to wear the skull-print scarf (which I accidentally called my pirate scarf the other day, hehe!) in my hair like I did here. But I thought I'd better keep it cool, first impressions and all, so slung it on over my shoulders. I bought the necklace for a shoot an accessories couple of weeks ago but decided it was quite different to anything else I have so kept it. It's quite excessive but because of the thin chains doesn't look like over the top statement jewellery.

I really need a non-pink watch to go with red outfits! I can see it just peeking out in the photo.

Cheeky Bathroom Selfie!
Katy Perry has decided the 4th single to be lifted from her album Prism, is a pretty little ditty called Birthday. I cannot tell you how many times I have played it since I first heard it last night, because I have totally lost count. I'll probably have it on 'in the office' today during my little Row Bow silent discos! It's a funky disco sounding tune with a hella-lot of innuendoes, but who cares when it's this groovy...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Friday, 11 April 2014

Pretty in Pink

Hey Guys!

First of all I want to thank everybody who has every pottered on over to What Row Chose… I have recently hit 10,000 views! I’m sooo super-duper happy. It really makes it so worthwhile when I hit big mile stones like that. I feel like within just the past 4 months, let alone past 12, this blog has gone strength to strength. Considering I started this blog not telling anyone about it and not promoting it in any way, shape or form, I am now so proud of my blog it’s one of the first things I mention when I meet someone new. The blogging groups that I’m involved with are so supportive and all have amazing blog themselves! Ok, Oscar acceptance speech over, time for the post!

I have been waiting for an appropriate time to use this title, because I could have do easily used it for 90% of my looks! Not sure if I said this before (hehe!) but Pink is my favourite colour to wear, paint with, look at and even brush my teeth with!

My course at uni is so well tailored to my needs, when I say needs I mean concentration levels and laziness! 3 days a week we have studio sessions, so basically creative lessons with one or sometimes 2 days off then we finish the week on a light lecture and seminar. When my friends mention they have a lecture a day, sometimes 2 a day, I honestly don't believe I'd cope. Sometimes one lecture is too much for me!

A couple of weeks ago the lecture was about 'Constructing Gender'. We covered things like why do we identify blue for boys a pink for girls when it hasn't actually always been like that, amongst a load of other points. Normally we have a reading and some questions, but we were instructed to come dressed as feminine, masculine or androgynistically as we could. I’m not gonna lie, I feel like me and my lecturer were the only ones who actually bothered to do it. But when I get the opportunity to ‘girly it up’ I grab it with both hands! I bought this dress at the beginning of the year in my ‘sad-because-I-miss-my-Mummy’ Primark Haul from ASOS. There was also a white version of the dress, but I don’t look very good in white. I think because I’m quite pale anyway, it just exaggerates that. I teamed it with a bolder pink cardigan to ‘anchor’ the look so it’s not too ghostly overall. 

I love wrapping a good belt around any dress, and I've worn my little pearls to look even more lady like!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Hey Guys!

Its that time of year again where Company have opened up their 3rd #StyleBloggerAwards. There are several categories, and it would be amazing to be nominated for Best Personal Style Blog in association with Miss Guided. The past few months have been so rewarding on my blog and even a nomination would be the perfect continuation of this 'roll' I find myself on.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monochrome Velvet

Hey Guys!

I look like such a little girl here in my black, white and pink colour pallet! But that's my signature style so why shy away from it now I'm at Uni? HeHe! This is a new skirt, although it's deco not new anymore because I bought it in January, but I just don't think I've got round to showing you guys yet. (Wait, that's a lie. I've just remembered I posted about it here in a Lecture Look!)

I know for sure I haven't shown you the top yet because it's actually a midi-length body con dress. But because when I wore this is was a wee bit chilly, and I wasn't totally comfortable with the idea of a dress clinging o my tummy, I've worn it as a top here. I just folded up the lower half of the dress so no one could see it. Sometimes if I do this with a look wearing leggings too, I'll tuck the dress into the leggings so its super hidden! The skirt is aged 16, so I thought it would be the perfect fit. But I like waisted/high waisted waistbands (#howmanytimescanyousaywaistinonesentance?!), I'm not really a fan of drop waist or ones that rest on you hips. I don't know why, probs because I've never really tried it. But that's exactly how I feel this skirt sits. It might be the design or just my bod, so I try to keep it up with a belt. I chose a silver one to keep with the colours scale of black to white. However, since there it more waistband than my waist it likes to try and escape from the raptures of the belt. Leaving me with a very funny look!

Since I'd slicked on a little pink lippy, I injected a healthy amount of pink into the look with my pink cardigan. And as well as accessorising with the belt I also put a sparkly black bow headband in my hair. Because I felt I didn't scream 5 year old enough, HeHe!

"...get out of my waaaaay"
"I'm spinning around..."

I haven't  heard George Ezra's songs before, even thought he was palstered over my telly as a nominee for one of the best new artists of 2013. But now I have heard his latest tune, Get Lonely With Me. It's very idfferent from his other recently debuted song, Cassy O which is quite folky. Get Lonely With Me has a stronger sound with Ezra's vocals sounding haunting through the chorus.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Feature a Friend

Hey Guys!

I thought I'd give you a little insight into the real world of Row.

Introducing my babe of a best buddy... Charbabes!

I thought I'd share some of are hottest moments together, all the way back to prom! Weren't we cute little munchkins?

From a Birthday Party back in secondary school Loving our adornments or what?

Pre-Prom: Beautifully co-ordinated and we hadn't
even seen each others dresses before we arrived.
Wonderfully insync!
Another beautiful headshot. 
Ohh artist side angle. We look good from every angle! She got this fringe
cut in because I had mine and was very much #teamfringe and I told her to.Who wouldn't listen to me really?

Why haven't we won Next Top Model yet?
The moments story or where we all agreed pretty dresses
and heels and Char chose a  top she wears to college
and leggings.
Check out the post, from way back when, here.

A quick pic from a staple House party, that
Char likes to organise but host and other
people's houses. How thoughtful!
Should probably refer to her amazing sense of
style here. Char is a massive fan of cutesy little
floral dresses teamed with long predominantly dark
cardigans. Sometimes she does stray from this pattern
and choses a paler cardigan. We even have matching
cardigans with ruffley shoulders and matching
blue dresses. Aren't we cutie patties?
Oh look, Char wears the match dress we have. Mine is dark blue though. She's
decided to snazzy up her look with this dashing floral white and brown
towel. Doesn't she 'werk' it so well? I'm thinking she might
want to start trademarking that look...
'Just the three of us, we're all babes, don't need to try...!'
And a snap from our most recently night out.  She bought this black
backless dress with me, and she looks totes amaze in it, no
question about it!
Naw, the feels looking back at these. It's so sad she live with our third musketeer all the way down south. But summer is coming and we know what that means, Charlena can be once more! Co-ordinating our nails, hair and dresses for a full 5 months, yay!

If you want a chance to win £75 worth of boohoo vouchers for you and your bud why don't you #feautreafriend?

And to finish on a highnote (or rather hot note, hehe!).

Smizing with our teeth...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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