Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fashion Union Wish List

Hey Guys!
Here is a little compilation of wish lists I've made for items from Fashion Union. If you fancy entering the blogger's competition Fashion Union are running, find out the deets here.

We all love a little Free Delivery!
Last Minute House Party

Yay! You love a house party, seeing all your friends, having a good boogie and of course looking fab-u-lous! But Oh-No! You been invited with only a few days to find a totally tremendous outfit! If you’d have known earlier you’d have popped into town to pick up a cheeky number. But now you have no time this week and will, dare I say it, have to wear something the party goes have already seen you in. Say it ain’t so!

It’s time to browse Fashion Union, only their speedy delivery can save you now! I’ve created two looks, Gorgeous Goth or Gorgeous Gatsby, to make a statement and be the princess of the party.

Fashion Week Frenzy

Ohh err, Get you missus! You’ve only managed to snag one of the most sought after invites for upcoming Fashion Week! What do you mean you don’t know what to wear? Obviously pop on something that hits the most up to date trends of this season, to show you’re sooo fashion forward.

Not sure which trends to rock, Fashion Union is here to help, again. Check out their regularly updated trend section. I’m thinking autumn florals and a monochrome pallet will have to photographers wanting to take your photo instead of the models! Mix tight and loose fitting piece for an interesting silhouette.

Play it Cool Picnic

It’s so nice to just sit and be chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool, and all shootin some b-ball outside of the school… with your buddies. The perfect way to do this is down by the river with a picnic. You want to look effortlessly cool and appear to have just thrown something on and it happened to look AMAZEBALLS on you. You’re hoping to pull out the, “This Old thing?” line, I can tell.

Little do your friends know that an effortless look can take over 3 hours of preparation! Trying on over 20 outfits with too many combinations to count. Everything looks too try-hard or not-tried-hard-enough. Effortlessly cool is a very fine line to tread, but luckily Fashion Union are on hand to make it truly effortless. Picnicking calls for bright colours, florals and a bag to pack the food in! With these pieces I've chosen you’ll look suitably awesome.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Project Blogger with Prairie Charms

Hey Guys!
Today's post is all about my purchases from Prairie Charms. I am doing this as part of their Project Blogger, which is a fab idea that includes all bloggers and donates to the charity GOSH. For this Project I have decided to take beautiful portraits of my sister and myself wearing our gorgeous hair pieces. Yes folks, this is another haul post with Sister JK.

Let's start with JK. She decided on the Effie Bow in a Midnight Blue tone (Top Image) and also the Suri Crown with white flowers (lower image). Doesn't she look cute? The littler of the two glitter bows Prairie Charms offers, works best with Sister JK's short crop as it appears more in proportion with her bonce. The midnight blue colour works really well with the reddish tone to her hair, also. She was contemplating a bolder blue, but the navy hues means it perfect for day or night wear. The white flower crown works well against any un-natural coloured hair as it really allows the two contrasting tones (white and the colourful hair) to stand out against each other without looking garish.

Now it's time for Me, Me, Me! HeHe! I decided on a selection of really girly items, as well as my own versions of JK's purchases.
This cute Aaliyah Bow was actually a free gift due to our combined order costing over a certain amount of £££s. I hadn't chosen it initially, but I am actually pretty chuffed that it came as a little freebie since I think its' a great addition to my hair accessories collection. This is because it's a lot tamer than most of my pieces and it would be super for injecting a little Row Bow essence into a more serious/smarter look. I think it looks totes adorbs at the front of a sock bun. Or at the back of a bit-up-bit-down style.
Next up is a very sweet little (or rather quite significantly sized) Maddie Glitter Heart Clip. I chose a red glitter for this piece because with a heart shape there really is no other choice you can go for! I think that the vivid poppy red colour matches with my dark chocolaty hair soo well. It a lovely lightweight clip  so you could pretty much place it anywhere. I went with the side of a sock bun. 

Another item that slipped its way into my shopping basket was a larger version of the bow JK bought. I went for the Farah Glitter Bow in Candyfloss Pink. I'm thinking of starting to go a little more profesh with all this blogging malarkey and take some signature Row Bow photos. This is what I intend to use the bow for, however in the mean time I think it looks really cute and girly against a backdrop of my curly locks.
My final purchase was this orange flowered Olivia Crown. I am a fan of my floral headbands and I had to pick this one up as I don't have any little flowered bands. Mine tend to go along the lines of, 'Go big or go home!' So this is a nice little addition, also the orange colour is a lot bolder than my other paler crowns. The flowers themselves have a nice texture to them. Most floral headbands have fabric flowers that might fray at the edges. But these flowers are made out of a squishy material that I can only describe as a kind of soft sponge feel. This means that they won't fray or get spoiled as easily.
And those are my pretty little pieces and pretty little portraits. Hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to check Prairie Charms out.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tea Party Chic

Hey Guys!

I know I’ve kept you in suspense since Friday’s Post but now you can see what the skirt I altered looks like, in its' finished beauty! It might not look drastically different, but it definitely has a nicer shape to it not. And also it actually fits which I suppose it the minimum you expect form any piece of clothing really! The first outfitting in my new skirt was to a cute Tea Party hosted by one of my buddies before we all go back to Uni. It was really sweet, literally! The host had laid out and entirety of biscuits, cupcakes, crumbles, brownies, EVERYTHING! I contributed with my own selection of Multi-coloured Butterfly Cupcakes. (Or Funny Bunnies as the Little Sister innocently has named them) My Bud must have literally spent DAYS baking all of the treats, no wonder she was heavily encouraging people to eat them all, HeHe!

To me Tea Parties connote ideas of vintage, pastel colours and little twee additions. I’m not gonna lie, every time a Tea Party is now mentioned I can’t help but think of the new Rimmel Stay Power foundation. All the pretty colourings, cake all over the place and Georgia May Jagger. Of course it was unlikely she was actually going to turn up, but you never know one Tea Party she might do! I based my outfit around paler colour tones to try and pretend it was a lovely end of summer day, with a cool breeze and a warm sun. But who was I kidding? It was absolutely pissing it down so we ‘whooped it up‘(nice one Synonym Suggester on Word) in the kitchen. I wanted to road test my new skirt to I wore this with a belt of my own, because as you can image the Size 20 belt it came with didn’t fit me so well! I think the belt is a nice change of colour in the pronominally blue outfit. I added my Aqua Blue Cropped Long Sleeve top to the look, since I wanted something long sleeved and warm. It’s a nice bolder colour addition I think. I went with silver jewellery as the necklace had the correct tones of blue to co-ordinate with the top. Lots of people like my Floral Headband/Crown so I popped that on in front of a sock bun. With my hair down I felt I looked a little short and it didn’t really work. I think it might have been because my hair is such a dark addition to the paler colour pallet I was working.
(Cheeky: I actually wore thick grey tights and black dolly shoes to the party since it was so cold and wet. But in an ideal world I would have kept my look like the pictures)

It was really nice to catch up with some old school and college buddies since I feel like I have been a total hermit this year and been snowed up the avalanche from Mount Art Foundation! Even had a good natter with the people you see around and at parties but you don’t really know. They were nice too!

The Spice Girls Are Back People! Well, maybe I should rephrase that. A Spice Girl is back! Mel B has premiered her new single For Once in My Life and it’s actually pretty funky. It’s fulfilling the Spice Girls shaped hole in my heart so I’m loving it. The ’This is how I feel’ at the beginning is a little cringe but apart from that it’s really dancey and has a super catchy chorus, ‘For once in my li-i-i-i-i-fe’. Mel B’s been away for so lone I forgot she even sang like that!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 23 September 2013

Back To Work with Batman

Hey Guys!
It was my first week back at work; after summer, last weekend and I thought I’d test run one of my new Karma Clothing Purchases. I chose my Batman Skirt. But I think it confused some of the littlerler kiddies as they were like, ‘That’s a boys skirt because it has Batman on it’. And one little girl went home and told her Daddy, ‘Daddy, Row is so cool! She had Batman on her skirt today!’ I’m not sure her dad believed her at first. One of the older kids, who I always ask where she got her clothes from then promptly pick up my own pieces, asked where my skirt way from this time. She’s like totally my clothes buddy, but she’s 11/12 so she looks grown up in my clothes and I look like a child in her clothes. But hey-ho, that’s just the way I roll!

The Batman print of the skirt is obviously the main focus of my look, so I based the rest of the colours upon than. I decided that I wasn’t so much of a fan wearing the piece with a white top so I explored wearing dark colours with it. I chose this bodycon dress to wear as a top underneath. I paired this with black leggings, so the bolder colours of they skirt pop out against the darker pallet. To match the navy tone of the top and the more vivid of the skirt, I wore my new floral trainers. They are from Kylie and were one of my fab purchases from my holiday shopping trip. I’m not quite sure they qualify as high tops, but they do have that chunky padded tongue to the shoe.

I added a chunky and very blingy necklace which in the pictures is a little twisted. It’s got large gems that sit in golden plates and hangs nicely around the same line as the neck of the top. I wore the necklace quite long so that it didn’t keep hiding down my top. Which it has ended up doing in the pictures, you can’t win ‘em all. I wouldn’t normally wear a thing headband. But I had woken up super early to wash my hair, so I’d kept it in from that. A slick of bright pink lipstick and my look was complete!
I’m love love loving One Republic’s Counting Stars at the moment. I’d heard the song a little bit about the place but didn’t know who it was by. But now I do I can’t stop pressing that play button. Also, I’m sure Jennifer Hudson pops up in the music video. Probs, not tbh, it’ll just be my imagination playing games on me again!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Friday, 20 September 2013

Tailor-Made Skirt

Hey Guys!
When I go shopping I LOVE a good barg! There’s nothing better than picking up a gorgeous garment and knowing it cost less than a fiver! Today I’m going to show you one of my most recent bargs, and what I did with it. When I pick up things on the cheap I like to play about with them and customise them, cut them up and give them a new lease of life. This is exactly what I did with my new Size 20 skirt. Yep, you did read that correctly and No, it is not a typo. Row Bow bought a Size 20 skirt.

I really like the, what I’m calling, China Print skirt. The print reminds me of the kind of art you’d find on your Grandma’s china wear, plates, tea cups and tea pots. It was looking lonely on a pile of jumpers, so somebody had decided that they didn’t want it and just threw it to the side. Poor skirt! Having seen the amazeballs sale sticker I couldn’t not pick it up. I bought it for £1! When I got to the till the sticker wouldn’t read so the lady was going to charge me £5 for it, so I wouldn’t have taken that. But then the manager wasn’t really paying attention and put it through for £1. Yay me!

The skirt original was faaaarr too big for me, as you can see. The pattern of the skirt was a very simple tube style with marginal gathering to add a little shape to the piece. The waist band is just an inch of extra material folded in half and wrapped around the top of the skirt. I decided to insert a piece of elastic the length of my own waist through the existing waistband on the skirt. To do this I unpicked the stitching either side of the zip and attached a large safety pin to the end of the elastic. This makes it easier to thread through the fabric waistband as you can feel it and pull it along. You can see the elastic I used was about ¾ of the width of the existing waist band. Any bigger and it wouldn’t have gone through flat. Or any smaller and the elastic would break down quicker with wear.

Then I safety pinned the elastic either side of the zip to secure it as I sewed it into place. A couple lines of straight stitch over each other will secure the elastic in place.

As I was taking these useful photos for you guys, a wasp came and stung my leg. TOTALLY UNPROVOKED! How rude? Kindly Sister JK decided to photograph the momentous occasion. Isn’t that kind? Then because I was wailing about it my dog came to check I was O.K. At least she cared!
Wasp-Sting-Gate documented by twitter and my loving sister.
But I soldiered on to take one last photo of how my skirt now fits beautifully.

But I decided that I still wasn’t quite happy with how the skirt was sitting. I wasn’t sure if there was too much fabric at the bottom of the skirt compared to the new littler waist. In the end it was decided that the skirt was just a little too long. So to turn up the hem first I chose how much I wanted to take off the bottom. I pinned it up a few different lengths and as well as looking in a mirror, I asked how it looked to other people. I turned up the hem of the skirt by 1 ½ inches all around.
To make it easier to sew into place I pressed my new hem line with a quick iron. I kept the excess fabric attached because I thought it would create a rounder shape on the skirt rather than cutting it off and leaving it a little flimsy.

I used my sewing machine and sewed over the top of the original hem line so I knew I was going to get a straight outcome. Once I got to the end of sewing in my new hem I went over the beginning and end of the hemline to secure it in place then simply cut the thread and tie it off. A Voilà, all done! Easy Peasy!
I’m going to keep you on tenterhooks so see the final outcome of my new skirt because my next post will show me wearing in in a complete ensemble!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Karma Clothing Haul

Hey Guys!
These past few weeks, my poor little bank card has been exhausted as this is the second out of three haul posts. I'm sorry little card! But at least it made me happy. This time I had a little venture onto a clothing brand called Karma Clothing . I first saw their Batman skirt on a wishlist somewhere. I instantly fell in love and decided to mooch around the website. It is all pretty decent value as well, I couldn't find many things I wanted that cost over £10. Ideal for student shopping! They have allsorts of deals like Student Discount, First order % off and Free delivery over ££s. The pieces are really cool, I can't think of any other word (well, the Christmas Jumpers are more Fun than cool. HeHe!). A lot of the clothes are the kind that I think you'd see Little Mix in. The selection of styles on Karma Clothing is very eclectic and they build their collection around catwalk trends.

'Do you want to look A-List without a celebrity salary? Don’t get in a frenzy over a fashion fix – Look Cool. Stay Calm. Go Karma.'

So true!

These are all the pieces I bought. I haven't styled them particularly well, otherwise you wouldn't have anything to see when I actually do wear them out!

Batman Skirt.
I love this Skirt! It came in a Red/Green combo aswell, but I think this Pink/Blue combination is far more Row Bow! I like the addition of the braces-like straps. They cross at the back. Because the straps are quite long, the waist sits a little lower than my natural waist. I find the skirt is a little short for nothing to be worn underneath, but it might be different on you. The fabric is kind of Swimming-costumey (as one of the kids at work described it!). I love the amount of fabric in the skirt because when rested the skirt takes such a full skater-style skirt shape.

Cheerleader Top.
These basketball/cheerleader style tops have been seen everywhere over the festival period. Jesy from Little Mix is a particular fan! I really wanted my own that I could style like Jesy's and wear it almost like a dress. Check out my Jesy Nelson montage below!
Usually I look really silly in oversized pieces. I run the risk of swaying towards the toddler-dressing-up-in-Mummy's-clothes vibe, instead of appearing street/cool/#don'tcare! Other colours were White & Black or Royal Blue & White. I think Red is defo my colour out of those options, really eye-catching.

How Ya Doin' Music Vid, SourceSource, Source.

Tartan Dress.
Tartan is a big pattern trend for Autumn/Winter 2013/14 so I had to get myself in on the act! I chose this dress because I'm not to sure if the tartan trouser affair was really my thing. This dress is made of a thin material that has some stretch to it, so it easily adapts to a bodycon shape. The only negative thing I found was that it is baggy on my back and doesn't cling like it does around the rest of me. I think this is due to the thin nature of the material. It isn't heavy enough to stretch itself back into place after covering my huuuge boot-ay!

Sister JK's Purchases:

Skull Print Top and Leggings.
JK is a little bigger than me, but the sizes she ordered aren't a bad fit on me! I've snazzed up these pieces since I won't be the one wearing them out and about. (Also, she's literally just buggered off to Germany for a year so I won't even be able to nick them from her room. No Fair!) I actually really like the crop top, it's a really nice fit. The wide elasticated band at the bottom makes me feel super secure. If you're not so confident with flashing your stomach try wearing it as a peek-a-boo top underneath a shirt.
The leggings were a little big on me, but don't they just make your legs appear to go on FOREVER! The Monochrome pallet will continue to trend through this season, so pick up a pair! I think the gathering of the leggings around my ankles is a good change in texture before cutting off the bold pattern.

Black Evening Dress.
Here She is Folks! Sister JK posing in the third of her purchases, a black bodycon dress. This dress is from the thicker kind of bodycon material. Reminds me of Hervé Léger Style dresses, but less bondage-y. It is a great fit on a more womanly figure, as it slides over your curves and creates a great silhouette.

Believe it or not this isn't a sponsored post, I just love Karma Clothing clothes. Amazingly quick delivery (I think 2 days, ordered on the 4th and arrived on the 6th!) and my orders arrived with 15% off my next order. Oh, go on then! If I must, HeHe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 16 September 2013

Sister Vintage Haul

Hey Guys!
I was lucky enough to get a Bloggers' 35% off my recent order at Sister Vintage. I read into the brand a little before I made my purchases. The idea is really sweet, three sisters (Laura, Sara and Emma) set up this vintage inspired business. They sell a collection of jewellery on their bigcartel website, which is where I was shopping. Their pieces are all astonishingly cheap for the glitz they provide! Since I had my little 35% off, I thought I'd do a little haul with my own sister and share with you what we bought.

First of all, I have to show you the packaging! Look how cute the little parcels are inside. I even got a little label with my name on it! It really is about the whole customer package.

Mystery Goody Bag:
My sister and I decided to be wild and get a Mystery Goodie Bag, OOOooooH! Neither of us have pierced ears, so we were a little worried we'd get something neither of us could wear. But there's a handy option to get a goody bag for Pierced or Non-Pierced ears. How lovely! This is what we got. I actually already have the Owl Necklace and have previously posted about it, here. My friend got it for my birthday, so I let Sister JK have that. I really like the triple cross charm on the hair tie, but I'm infamous for breaking my hair ties. I think once the inevitable happens I'll use the charm for a new ring bracelet combo. The third item we got was a quirky trouser charm necklace. I'm not totally in love with this, but it's fun to get surprises! But the chain for the necklace is a really good length to transfer another necklace on to. Or what I'm thinking is to use the chain for the ring bracelet combo I make with the hair tie charm. For only £2, I think we did very well! A fun idea if you was a little pressie in the post.

Sister JK's Purchases:

Sister JK decided to buy a little set of cool bracelets. Initially torn between Black & Pink or Black & Silver skull bangles, I persuades her to get the Black and Silver combo as it goes better as a set with the quirky golden bones bracelet. The bangles are just the right strength of metal (I suppose you'd call it) to bend into a smaller shape to fit little wrists better.
Sister JK says: 'JK's Thoughts and Ting: I really love my Sister Vintage purchases! However, I have found the adorable, gold bone bracelet has a rather stiff clasp (but I'm assured Row Bow can fix that for me!). In addition to this the lovely gold colour has begun to wear away. Row Bow has suggested that I put some clear nail varnish on each of the little bones to retain the colour so it's not the end of the world but it's still a shame. That said, for the price I paid I'm otherwise extremely happy with everything I bought! I may put money down on that pink skull bangle yet but I love the black and silver ones I already have! '

Row Bow's Purchases:

Now for my Haul. I just clicked Add to Basket on everything that looked pretty, I couldn't help myself! Firstly, I love the scissor double-ring piece. It is such an original idea and is definitely eye catching. I thought it might have been a really pair of scissors, but I suppose with Health and Safety it's probs for the best its just a metal form of scissors! As you can see in the image the scissors are quite large and spread over 4 fingers in length. Keeping with the double-ring theme (what can I say? I love them!) I got a simple silver large cross ring. I have wanted one of these for aggggeeeesss and I'm so glad I waited until I discovered Sister Vinatge to get one. Its the perfect size as it runs just over 2, nearly 3 fingers. It also has adjustable rings, as does the scissor ring, which is ideal for my deceivingly wide fingers. The final ring I bought was too cute to not purchase. I think it's really original as it's a Crocodile's head around your finger. So it looks like he is eating you're finger! So clever. This one isn't adjustable, and they only had Medium so it fits but it needs a good wiggle to get off.


As well as my collection of rings I bought myself a really cute and dainty arrow bangle. I think its really subtle and perfect to wear during the day or night. I just love it! It's so pretty and sparkly but also really elegant and classic. This is also a good weight of metal to change the size and bend it appropriately. Watch you don't contort it too much though otherwise I'm sure it could break! The last item that snuck into my online shopping basket is this fun long necklace with a pair of what I thought we're binoculars, but Mumma Bow has informed me they are Opera Glasses. Oh la la! It's shorter that the trouser charm necklace we got in the goodie back, but not by too much.

All that and postage for £14.25. Phew! 3 Bangles, 3 Rings, 2 Necklaces, 1 Bracelet and 1 Charmed Hair Tie all for under £15 is such a steal! I recommend you go and check them out. As I've written this post I've seen that they've added little scrabble letter rings. Oh Man! Another piece I've been looking for for a while! I MUST RESIST!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I'm in Company Magazine October 2013!

Hey Guys!
Super duper exciting day today (today being when I wrote this post at the end of July 2013). You can have three guesses as to where I went...nope...guess clever sausage! Of course I went to Hearst Towers (I suppose you'd call it?) and had a little chat with some girls from Company mag. Excitarama!Basicals they tweeted out asking if anyone had worked at their first London fashion week February just gone, as we all know I did (exhibit a b c d e f g or flick through my twitter for a refresher @rowbowk ). So I tweeted saying this babe right here did! Well, a little subtler than that but we all get the picture. I thought I was the only one who had replied so didn't think much of it. But then when I took a glance at my e-mail, what do y' know but Company have only gone and e-mailed me asking if I can tell them all about my time. I felt sooo popular!

Hearst Magazine Block.
Stands out a little along the road.
I've made it!

So after numerous e-mails I finally got to meet the mysterious faces I'd been e-mailing. We went to a cutesy little tea shop and had all my ramblings recorded on a Dictaphone  that means someone will try to make some sort of sense I everything I said. I hope I was useful and provide lots of insightful deets. I'm not really sure if you're meant to divulge gossip like that but I wouldn't define it as gossip. More 'witterings' about London Fashion Week. Then we went outside to try and get a shot of the beaut of an outfit I was wearing. It was such a miserable day, where did the sun go? But I'm an actress darling, so pulled of the,"Its not raingig its a glorious day" look. And guess where these were going to end up...? IN THE FLIPPING ACUTAL MAGAZINE! Man I am super stoked and can't believe my crowing moment is already here! I'd like to thank my Mum and Dad for making a blooming marvellous human out of me, first great western for providing the trains for me and lastly to me for actually going to London Fashion Week in the first place. Hehe!
(UPDATE: The weather was so bad that I ended up re-shooting similar street style photos at the back of the local fish and chippy. But in the mag you'll see they didn't use them. I sent them a range of photos since they said they might make a collage. For little headshot they've used a piccy with me in sunglasses. I can tell it's me, but let that be a lesson kids. NEVER SEND A PICTURE OF YOURSELF WEARING SUNGLASSES TO A SUPER POPULAR MAGAZINE. They might only use that bit. I'm still dead chuffed to be in it, the article is pretty fab!)

Front Door surrounded my Hearst Publications.
When I arrived I thought this was a piece of modern art.
When I left I realised it was a delivery of bikes!
My new BFFs Lexxi and Emily.
So I wore something eye-catching since I had a little inkling that I would be photographed even if it didn't end up being on the front page. This is my new skirt from Republic, part of the AX Paris line. Lasttime I went with an orange theme. But here I picked out the darker blue and black. I wore my bright green denim jacket over a black vest top. I chose silver jewellery as well since the buttons on my jacket were silver. I even braved the heels! (Although to be honest I stopped at a Pret next door to the Hearst Magazines building and changed from trainers to heels. But we can keep that between me and you!) It was actually a really horrible day and pissed it down the whole time I was in London, but it was really sunny when I got home. #sodslaw. So when travelling I have my beautiful floral rain mac shielding me.

I can tell that you're all excited to be able to hold a Row Bow feature in your own hands, and Company the October issue "edited by the interns" is out right now! Buy, buy, buy! 

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow
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