Friday, 31 May 2013

USA! USA! U..S...A...?

Hey Guys!

Sticking with the nail theme this week here is a photo tutorial as to how I achieved my current nail appearance. It may seem a little weird but I have painted the American flag onto my nails. It only seems weird as I'm not American, I don't live in American and I generally have no connection to the land in any way, shape or form! But I think that it looks super effective and everybody is taken aback by the detail of the designs.

Here's how I got the look:
-Base coat so you don't end up staining your nails!
-Paint a red base on 4/5 nails. Make sure to double coat to get it even redder. 
-Paint blue on the naked nail so it feels like one of the gang!
-Use a thinner nail paint brush (mine was from part of the Nail Art 2 packs Primark art selling at the mo) and carefully paint stripes close together. This is way harder on the other hand if you're not ambidextrous! Remember you can always paint red over the top and try again- I did. By my pinkie on my right hand I was a pro with both hands.
- Then paint some star shapes on the blue nail. (I don't expect you to fit 50 on there!) I used the other end of my thin nail brush- which has a squeezy metal pen feature. I made a dot of white and then brought out each start point. You could achieve the same effect with the use of a cocktail stick.
-Top Coat. I actually found my cheap nail colours ran when I put a base coat over the top, which ruined the white parts. So I would actually suggest top coating after the second coat of the coloured bases. Then again over the top to protect your white bits. Oo, Cheeky! 

 Ta-Dah, my 'beauty shot'! I tried to emulate BeyoncĂ© in her Superbowl promo shot, but I look suuuper tired. But I did finally manage to use liquid pen eye line and look decent. Every cloud and all...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Babysitting Nail Creativity

Hey Guys!
I did these nail designs AGES ago when I went babysitting for a gaggle of girls. I think it was during a school holiday which only means one thing, time to paint funky nail designs! Having rattled off a list of my talents and nail techniques each girlie requested their own design, chose the colours and away we were!
First, I painted Lottie's Nails:
She asked for marbled nails, with blue/green colours. I used a light royal blued colour as the base. I didn't want to make a total mess in their kitchen, so I acquired a cocktail stick and dry marbled the different nail polishes. I put one drop of a blue polish then a drop of green slightly overlapping and used the cocktail stick to blend strokes of the liquid together. The important thing is to not over do it, otherwise you end up with a nail of solid colour. (But it will be a unique colour that you made yourself. So, y'know, pros and cons!) Each nail has a different pairing of colours, some with 2 some with 3 colours on. I also incorporated a glitter polish into some which looked pretty groovy!
Then it was Milly's turn:
Millie wanted little hearts on all of her nails. I tried with sellotape, cutting out the heart shape. But it peels off some nail varnishes- and it peeled what I had used on Milly's nails. #disaster! Instead I used another cocktail stick and picked up nail polish from the brush and carefully drew little hearts. Clever hey? I also marbled her thumbs, just to mix things up. I used pink and purple as they always go together well. And added a slightly minty green as an accent colour.

Finally I used my creative skills on Hannah finger tips:
Hannah wanted to keep it classic with a beautiful French manicure. I'm going to blow my own trumpet here, I am a mighty fine French tip painter. So smooth and wonderfully even! I love how clean, soft and feminine it can make your hands look. But to give the nails a modern twist we added silver and blue glitters over the white tips. Snazzy!

There you go girls, I finally posted them!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Friday, 24 May 2013

Cara, Jourdan and Kate you better watch your backs because Row Bow walks on runways now!

Hey Guys!
Yesterday was my End of Show Exhibition and the Fashion and Textile pathway had a little fashion show. I modelled a pair of harem style trousers which I made back in November. I am super proud of these beauts, so (c) to Row Bow! I'm not gona lie, there were lots of 'Ooohs' and 'Ahhs' when I stepped out. My classmates all think that they look so profesh, and my Mumma said the ladies behind her seat said 'Oooh, if they were in the highstreet, I'd buy them!'
I strightened my fringe before I left for the 2 hour trek to Uni. But as soon as I got off the train and started walking to Uni the heavens opened! Such a waste in my effort. Put it just went more poofy, than curly. In my official images I have super long, sleek, stright hair. But I left it curly for the show as it was only a 30 second strut. I went for a tribal vibe, hence the wooden/stone accessories. Sounds gross, but I made a bejewelled chicken bone tiara for my final project. I kind of wish I'd have worn that as that IS fancy.
Man, I had so much fun doing my thang! We did 2 group walks at the end, after solo walks. And I'm not gonna lie, I worked it everytime, hehe! Unfortuntley one girl's third and final look, which appaz was her best, didn't get to go out as it was such a rush. Sad Times!

Oodles and  Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Red, White and Blue

Hey Guys!
I wanted a big baggy t-shirt that I could look cool in by rolling up the sleeves. I knew I had some spares around the house, having bought them with the intention to snazz them up. Luckily I didn't because I think the white baggy tee in this looks pretty reem!
The t-shirt is a small men's so it is nice and baggy. I got a 2 pack from Tesco Value for £3, but that was yonks ago. But I'm sure you can still get them really cheaply. This look would look good with one of those slogan tops with "Geek" or "Nerd" on. I don't really like those as you see many people with that on and I can tell they most defiantly have never been a 'Geek' or 'Nerd'. I have been/still am so I would easily get away with it! Just don't get 'Dork', whatever you do and it means something entirely different to what you think it does! I don't know if that's just in England or generally everywhere...
I wore this look to work and I most defiantly flashed to a couple of 7 year olds, they were giggling after I bent over. Unless they were telling jokes, but they were meant to be singing so perhaps not... I didn't even bend over that much, as I knew it was a little short with the heels. I really want some of the lace trimmed cycling shorts that Little Mix were fans of this time last year. Then I'd be safe!
I think that the cornmeal colouring of the socks actually works better that a pair of bright white socks, as they blend better with my actual leg colour. By wearing the socks with the hoes it gives a more school-girly vibe.
The cardigan is a new buy from the kids section sale in New Look. You'd be surprised how big 14 year old clothes are. It fits really well and still has that baggy look to it. The best thing is that none of my friend's will have the same cardigan as they don't venture into the kids section. Worth a look! It matches really well with my heeled brogues, which I love as they have a chunky heel.
I did initially wear a 'Gypsy' red lipstick- Tesco again (!), but I forgot to re-apply before I took these piccys. Criminal! All the little (and big) kiddies loved my heart shaped sun glassed
I LOVE Demi Lovato's new album, DEMI! I have at least 5 fave songs! Got it on REPEAT atm- so soon I'm sure everyone in my house will adore it too! I have Something That We're Not, Fire Starter, Really Don't Care -which I mentioned previously, Nightingale and Neon Lights on loop.
Do you like my purple flowers?

 Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Floral Swag

Hey Guys!
You wouldn't believe it, but it was actually raining when I took these photos. But I'm on such a roll with all this posting that I couldn't give up on you that easily!
I've only worn these shoesies once since I got them, and that was back in my Werkin' post. I adore them and I can't even tell I have heels on when I walk in them. I teamed them with my floral dress which actually matches my nail tutorial I posted yesters. I think that the clash of the two patterns actually works well and is muted with the block colour of the jacket. Even thought it was most definitely not sunny when I wore this I wasn't going to be brought down so I put on my denim jacket and braced the temperature. (I was inside most of the day so it wasn't too bad).
I'm not sure if you can tell but I did something a little different with my hair for this look. I feel it's more noticeable in the 2nd of the two images. After I washed it the night before I put my hair in two twisted plaits and slept in them. Like you used to do when you were 12, I do when I'm 18. But with snazzier plaits.
Quick walk through:
1. For 2 plaits, split your hair into 2 halves.
2. Split the left section into 2 further halves and separately twist each half clockwise.
3. Twist these 2 little twists together in the opposite direction, so anti-clockwise, to make one big twist.
4. Tie off and repeat with other side.
I was aiming for beachy waves, but I felt the outcome of these twists with my thick, curly hair was a little dread-lock-esque. Wearing it through the week it has separated further and achieve beachy-ness more so. But I think the regular plaits are the way forward for beachy mermaid waves.

 As I'm sure you're all very aware that Demi Lovato's new album DEMI is out now (But not here, May 20th I think). There is only one collab and it's with Ms. Cher lloyd. I have to say I thought they'd have equal singing parts, but Cher just jumps in for the middle 8 with some singing and a quick rap- which I have nailed already! Really Don't Care is a pretty funky tune with a really catchy chorus. Best of all I've got my little sister hooked. 'Holla, 2 Lovatics in the house!'

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Primark Nail Wraps

Hey Guys!
A little nail tutorial today...
These nails are done with 'Primark Beauty: Nail Wraps' in a lovely black floral design. The florarls and bang on for summer, but the black reflects the miserable weather of late. They do come with their own very simple instructions. However, I thought other would benefit from some imagery are they are tricky to get the right size. I had to stray into the toe nail sizes for my thumbs. I knew I had reasonably large nails but these wraps make me feel like Mrs. Sausage Fingers! At first I eyed the strips up against my fingers and thought they'd fit. But the smallest size for the pinky fingers only covered just over half my nail! #embarrassing!

So I decided to proceed lining up the wraps against my nail and rolling my nail over them to see how much it would cover/need to cut off. Once I'd cut it to the right shape, roughly, I could peel it off and place it on. They're not like foil wraps where you rub on and peel the backing off. These are more like stickers, which I'm not too keen on.

Press on in the centre and work outwards, so remove any lumps or bumps. The nifty thing is that you just need a nail file to 'cut' off the excess. Cut them a little taller than necessary to you can file to the correct shape.

And Ta-dah!

I understand that as a Primark Beauty product I shouldn't be expecting the best quality. At first I really wasn't too sure on them. They felt flimsy and as if any little catch would peel them off. I applied a top coat along the tops to see them, since some of the wraps ripped if I filed at the wrong angle. But I don't know if that's really had any effect. The big thing I AM surprised by is that they have even lasted a vigorous hair washing which is impressive. I was really worried that I was going to end up with stickers in my hair (which to me would have been the ult 'mare!-ultimate night mare). But I think that I only lost the very top of one index finger and the rest lasted.
Considering I've had them since Monday and they've lasted a hair wash- which is the hurdle most of my nail polishes fall at- I'm actually pretty impressed. Lucky for me, since I bought camouflage colours and a tack-tastic pink and golden leopard print. Also, applying them kept me occupied for half an hour or so. I'm looking for anything to entertain me now...

I couldn't go without letting you in a on a new tune alert! Lawson have a new song with B.o.B called Brokenhearted. However, upon first listen the lyrics are really predictable which I don't really like in a new song. I was to be dazzled my lyrical geniuses. The track is alot more guitary and sound more aggressive that the lovey dovey singles from Chapman Square. Since this is the first single to be lifted from their new album, perhaps we're looking into an edgier future for Lawson.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Fabulously Fifties!

Hey Guys!
My work friend said she thought my hair looked really pretty with this outfit so I thought I must share this with you. I have used a square scarf wrapped it around my head at a diagonal, so that 2 corners meet at the knot. I simply tied it and put it into a big bow. I'd love to say there was more to it, but there really isn't. Sometimes with a square piece of fabric you can fold + roll it at a diagonal so it is a flatter, neater piece to put in your hair. I'd do that with a heavier weighted fabric. The light chiffon nature of this scarf means it lies pretty flat, even when bunched up. I put my hair in a messy top bun to mirror the messy voluminous bow.
I'm not to sure on the dress itself, as I feel it's a little baggy for my liking. I'm up for tighter and flaunting what I've got! Hehe! The addition of the darker leggings and cardigan match the dark headscarf, but I feel it looks better without the leggings. I chose my pale dollie shoes as this look felt more slouchy and a little slobby.
To spruce my face up a little I slipped on my fave fuscha pink lippy! Hey, my watch actually works well with the colouring on this outfit!
A Top Tune for this Tuesday is The Wanted- Walks Like Rihanna. The video to so funny with the boys impersonating 90's boybands. The styling to reflect this is on point! I had to show my 13 year old sister the original N*Sync, Backstreet Boys and Take That Videos so she actually got the references. The clothes and dancing were totally alien to her. (Jason/Howard from Take That-Back For Good vid in the fishnet top throwing some shapes anyone?)

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 13 May 2013

Summer Sun, Wherefore Art Thou?

Hey Guys!
I have finally managed to escape the avalanche of work that I had fallen beneath this past month! I've made it out alive, but perhaps not in the best way. You know when you have that one thing niggleing away at you at you feel you have to tell everyone you come into contact with as if it will make it better? Well, I'm about to upload on you. I wanted to print a few piccys of the process of making my final piece to fulfil one of the assessment criteria. But I decided deadline morning would be the best time, when I'm all flustered and in a tizz. Bad Move! It costs an extortionate 38p for colour! And I only had 9p after the printer ate up all my change. So I left it as I had 10 minutes to travel across campus to where i had to give my work in. But once I got home I realised black and white was only 5p and I could have printed! ARGGHH! On an Art Foundation if you get a merit mark in 6 of the Assessment criteria but a pass in only 1, your overall mark is a Pass. Now I'm panicking I'll get a Pass when i need a Merit for next year and it would have been 8 months of stress for nothing. This all happened on Thursday and I'm still rethinking about it all!
Anyway, to lighten the mood I've been thinking of different things to entertain myself over the 4 MONTH summer I have and I thought the best thing to start with is to get back into the swing of What Row Chose... This is an outfit from work that one week it actually looked like summer was gracing us with its presence! I bought the dress from New Look, I think I wrote about it In my post. It's a gorge darker emerald green peplum dress which fits like a bodycon dress due to the stretchy fabric. I teamed it with my 5-6 year old denim jacket with luckily crops at the perfect point, where the peplum beings. What a terrific cowinkydink! I would have loved to have worn my tan sandal strapped chunky heels, but I chose my white lacey dollie shoes to keep it relaxed. And I've developed a panic that I'll slip in those shoes now. Worrier Row!
My hair looks so big and lion mane-esque here. Some days i manage to put just the right amount of product in my hair so it goes lush, and sometimes it need to be tied up to hide my fail!
I see the watch doesn't really go but i love it so much, I'm willing for a little eye sore.
Music Update: There are sooo many new tunes I'm digging atm. But I'm going for The Saturdays new one Gentleman which sees them get a little funky and rap. Rochelle is has so much swag! It's out towards the end of June and the soon to be released video see the girls dress up like men. I bet they still look hawt!


Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow
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