Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 27th November!

Hey Guys!

I've been tapping my toes to...

1. Girls Aloud- On the Metro
I feel like I've mentioned them every week recently, and I probs have. But this is another new cut from their 10th Anniversary album Ten. It's a really funky and dancey tune- big contrast to Beautiful Cause You Love Me, and not as "girls run the world" as Something New. I love this and think if GA want to continue for another ten years this is the direction they could definitely pursue this direction. It reminds me a little of I Left My Heart in Tokyo and therefore could imagine a colourful and Tokyo city-like video. And appaz, Nicola wrote this too, Whoop Whoop!

2. Little Mix- Case Closed
Some listeners have suggested that this could be the follow up to DNA, mainly because it says to be continued at the end of the DNA video and logically lyrically this would make sense. I've been listening to their whole album on repeat this week. I couldn't decide which on to make a top tune. so I've decided that Little Mix's album D.N.A is my (cue fanfare!) Album Full of Top Tunes of the Week!

3. Amelia Lily- Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)
I really like this second release from the second-runner up of The X Factor 2011. I like the rhythm of the chorus and how it's all like dadadadadadadadadadaa (that worked in my head!). There's a little 30 second preview of the video floating around the web-o-sphere, which Amelia Lily describes as a lot darker with the ideas and visuals compared to You Bring Me Joy.

4. One Direction- I Would
I've succumbed to One Direction's new album Take Me Home. What has become of me?! I like this one which is surprisingly upbeat for a song where the boys admit they aren't as macho as "The Boyf" mentioned. The L.O.V.E bit is pretty cute though.

5. Angel- Time After Time
I'm not gonna lie, I've put this one in mainly because Conor Maynard features in the video. For like less than 5 seconds, but he's still there. Looks a little awkward once Angel and Conor have met in the studio then a couple of scenes later Angel has a lady friend in there and I'm not sure if Conor's meant to have left by then, but he re-appears a little later. The songs not bad, I quite like Angel's voice because it's a pretty singing voice and not aggressive and rappy- which I'm getting a little bored of.

In other news, Adele's 21 is out of the top 40! 1st time since she released it in January 2011, Ohemahhey!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 20th November!

Hey Guys!

Whilst cutting and sticking, this week I've been jamming to...

1. Rihanna- Nobody's Business ft Chris Brown
This is a funky little album track which sees a controversial teaming of Rihanna and her ex-lover Chris Brown. Personally I'm just listening for the music and not their personal troubles, so I really like this duet. It reminds me of maybs the 80's as it sounds unite disco-y. What does annoy me a little is how at the beginning and end RiRi fails to pronounce the "ss" at the end of business. Just sounds a little weird for me as she manages to say it properly in the rest of the song.

The main reason I love this song is because Nicola has lead vocals on the chorus. (If you hadn't guessed she's my fave!) And even though I've been listening to this like all week, I'm still getting ruled to the oddly places rests, normally I'm really quick to pick up new songs! Apart from that it is a beautiful Ballard which talks about the basin we wash our face in and tasting mascara that's racing. Lyrical geniuses!

3. Will.i.am- Scream and Shout ft Britney Spears
I think it's Britney on the talky bit at the beginning, but she puts on a fluctuating British accent, which is half decent for certain words. It's a little funkier than Will's previous efforts but in other ways it's not too dissimilar to his previous songs.  It's pretty catchy too. "Will.i.am and Britney Bitch!"

4. Conor Maynard- Diamonds (Rihanna Cover)
I may or may not be watching Conor Maynard's gig live from the 34th floor of the BT Tower on YouTube as I write this, but basically he's done a cover of RiRi's Diamonds and it was voted for by peeps like me (Those who didn't read far ahead enough in the Metro last week to win tickets, so are watching it from the Computer). I expect they'll be video on t'internet pretty soon, so have a look!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 19 November 2012

Military Mustard

Hey Guys!
Since it's now winter, and my whole wardrobe is basically summer clothes, I've a feeling you're going to be seeing a lot more of my fave mustard yellow woolly knit! In this look I have "butched" it up a little compared to my previous jeans, leggings and dress combinations.
I have the woolly jumper over a white vest top, which probs has my thermal vest top underneath that too! I wore another vest top to cover the tucking in if my thermal top. I feel that it is cropped a little too high for no top underneath, because it's that awkward height that's too high because it is the lower part of my stomach.
I've teamed the top with a pair of khaki green trousers, which are a little more rufty-tufty than jeggings. The pockets on the sides, and small scuffs on the material give it a more rugged appeal. Also, the big grey boots remove any speckle of girliness that may once possibly have been in this outfit.
In the two images below I have worn my hair down which is how I wore it when I went out. But I think that by clipping my fringe up into a quiff style (Fold and twist the fringe back and push towards your forehead and use Kirby grips to hold) adds to the hardened look and my curls are a little "pretty" for this look. But they are pretty boisterous in this photo- probs a day where that annoying rain (that is really light but quite heavy at the same time) was coming down.
I've not accessorised with any jewellery here, but I reckon a few bands- leathery ones with the poppers- would go with the look well.
Have a gander.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Friday, 16 November 2012

Winter Dress

Hey Guys!
My Friday off this week wasn't as exciting as last week with shopping and what-not, but I did get lots of important CV and job stuff done. Dream Job here I come!
You may recognise this dress from my very first post on Valentine's Day (good times!) if you've back tracked that far. But I thought I'd show you how I re-worked the dress for work. I went with black tights which is gives a more floaty and feminine appeal. I kept to brown tones with my tan belt and flat lacy dollie shoes. The deeper red, browns and black are very trendy autumnal colours every year. The red especially this year with Berry colours popping up. I accessorised with a thinner and longer belt compared to before, which allowed me to wrap it around and tuck it in, this adds to a more relaxed look this time. To be honest my hair was a total mess this day, so since my fringe wasn't playing game, I've braided it across my head to keep it neater and off my face. It's not so clear, but I added a black double plait headband to tuck the whispy bits under. The rest is in a bun which looks okay, but I prefer wearing my hair totally down and girly or a big pony tail and best as it evens up the balance with the fuller skirt. (A Whole New World from Aladdin just came up on shuffle! Magical, hehe!)
I've even taken a picture of my skirt in full flow so you can see how swishy it can be! This is probs the only winter dress I actually own, because it is made of a thicker and heavier material which keeps me warm. Also, I'm sure that by wearing the slip underneath traps heat and effectively insulates the dress. My slip is a little bit of a awkward length because it is a little longer than my dress. But as it's hemmed with lace I could wear it longer than the dress. Or, what I usually do, is try to hitch it up a little so you can't see it.
With the brown tones already in my outfit, too keep the relaxed autumn vibe, I'd wear my brown aviator jacket as a coat with this look.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 13th November!

Hey Guys!
Some catchy tunes this week are...
As much as I really didn't want to like this song I can't help myself. I saw it as a song where 1D were trying to be a little cooler and more Ed Sheeran-y, it was written by him after all. But after seeing them on X Factor on Saturday I think that the difference in their performance to what they normally do, was so mature. This song has a lot more meaning to it compared to requesting the get "crazy, crazy, crazy".
On my day off I was watching The Ellen Show and it was she one where Taylor Swift was performing. (It was super cute a funny when she went down the haunted hall, aww) She performed the lead single and title track from her album Red. I instantly fell in love with this song, especially the bridge where she breaks it down a little bit.
This is a lot calmer than I was anticipating from a comeback single from the boys, but I suppose it's part of their maturing sound. I saw them on their keep calm and play louder tour this March and they were totally amazing! I'd recommend touch the rain as one of their new songs, but I don't know if it will be on their album. They didn't perform this when I saw them, but the video is pretty nifty.
I think that this some sounds really pretty, compared to what I'm expecting from some of the artists mentioned. But then when I think about it, Stooshe have pretty voices, Angel does some pretty songs, Tyler James is pretty (face and voice) and Fazer plays really pretty piano and writes deep lyrics sometimes. What a pretty combination of people! It's another Children In Need song.
So this is an old song, it was already old when the movie I'm about to mention came out. But The Inbetweeners Movie was on the old tellybox last week and it reminded me how totally brilliant this song it. I can't contain my dance skills when this song comes on, it's too darn enticing in the chorus!
Get Listening!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Uni Wear 2

Hey Guys!
I had my first Friday off this week, and guess what I spent it doing? Shopping! I felt soo stingey because I was Like, "Oh, that cardi is nice. But it's £10 and that's one train fare into Uni!" But I did splurge on a toasty patterned cardi. Before that I just had tights and socks in my basket and I felt like such an old lady, stocking up on my thermals!
Anyway, this is a relaxed outfit that I've worn to Uni previously. I thought it would be good to show you what I wear when I'm doing a messy art course. Sometimes, I find it hard to combine the pretty and practical elements and that's when it ends up being a leggings and baggy Tee day.
But with this outfit I managed to create a dressy-yet-relaxed look, I think. I don't have a simple denim shirt, but I do have this pale denim-style dress. It poppers down to the hips really, so I bunch it up a little higher and wrap a belt around it. I try to cover the lower waist band with the belt so there aren't too many cuts across my body. To keep me warm over these winter months, I wear my black leggings and match them with a black cardigan. I usually wear my older sisters cardigan if I'm going to wear it over this baggy dress-top. This is because it is a couple of sizes bigger and a) I don't want to stretch my own out of shape, and b) It goes better with the looser appeal of the look. It doesn't greatly affect the look, but my smaller one has to stretch more which would sculpt my arms and then give me funny proportions! I think that rolling up the sleeves just makes the outfit a little lighter, as there becomes a pale blue band around my elbows and also it shows my lower arms. It breaks up the dark black block from the cardi and leggings.
I think that the boots keep the look a little less feminine and more edgy. This look would look great with a causal denim shirt too, that would produce a more masculine look if you didn't choose to add the belt.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Job Interview

Hey Guys!
Last month I went for a job interview for a little Christmas position at John Lewis. It was a group sesh, so we sat in a circle and listened to the bigwigs tell us about their journey to the top spot. Then we were put into 3 little groups and had to think of a festive dish that we would serve in the Place to Eat, and how we would market it. It was like the week or two before Halloween (belated Happy Halloween to you!) and what a cowinkydink it was that all three groups chose Pumpkin Soup! We were all baffled, but we should have seen it coming really! Then, if we were successful, we got through to one-to-one interviews. I was! So I then had a further wait as I spoke to the other successful peeps, and finally went in for my one-to-one. There were two people interviewing, and mine was with the top dog herself, and she said she really liked my skirt. So this outfit is deffo a winner for an interview- even if I didn't get the job!

I think that for an interview it is obvs always important to dress well and make a sophisticated first impression. This will come across well the the employer that you can be taken seriously and that you want to make a good impression in order to get the job. I always whack out the blazer in smarter situations. Mine is a cropped length which means it works really will with my collection of hight-waisted skirts. I don't like wearing trousers to interviews ( I never have worn them to one actually). I think that I can create a more individual, unique and most importantly memorable outfit when incorporating a skirt into the outfit. Monochrome is a key trend this A/W season. I usually keep with a black and white colour pallet, then add an accent colour to pop from the outfit. I chose purple here, and it comes through on the tribal pattern of the skirt. By inserting a hint of colour into the outfit it also makes the look slightly more relaxed and I don't feel totally overdressed.
MAJOR WARNING: Only wear heels if you are 100% comfortable in them and have a spare pair of tights in you bag! Unfortunately, I had an experience which I will share with you so you can avoid it. I was going into a big stadium for an interview in one of the offices inside. However, it was heavily raining outside, making my shoes and floors slippery. These two surfaces do not go well together. (It's not the first time I've done this) Basically, I slipped and ripped a massive hole at the top of my (tan, thankfully) tights and the next day had several massive bruises down my thigh. I had to cross my legs/keep them together throughout the whole interviewing process to hide it. Not Cool! I now only wear heels if I know that I am going to be on a carpet or wood flooring, non-shiny surfaces.
I kept my hair off my face because I think that the combination of a dark top and my dark hair makes me look a little drained and pasty. I kept it off my face and wore my fringe as I think ponytails looks really pretty and elegant in with smart outfits.
Lesson learnt, if you go with wet weather and heels, best bet is to wear tan tights.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 6th November!

Hey Guys,

I'm so bad, I know. I'm just getting in the swing of when I have any free time to do anything but art! I now have Fridays off (Whoop, Whoop!) I think we're meant to do work then, but I'm going to make sure I schedule you guys in!
Anyway, keeping me occupied on my 3 days off last week. (Reading weeks- gotta love 'em!)

1. Taylor Swift- Everything Has Changed ft Ed Sheeran
This is an album track from Taylor's new album Red. I think that Ed was involved in possibly a few different things around the album and this is the result of one of those "things". I think that it is a really nice song until you begin to hear the shouty chorus of people, which are reminiscent of We Are Never Getting Back Together. Apart from that, I like it more than I thought I would.

 2. Pink- Try
I saw the video for this a few weeks ago and wasn't too impressed with the song. I think his was because I was mesmerised by the video as it's so artistic and beautiful (I always feel really naff saying the b word, but I really mean it here!) But having heard the song more and more frequently on radio over here, I'm beginning to fall in love with the song as much as the video.

3. Rita Ora- Shine Your Light
Words cannot describe the girl crush I have with Rita (we're on first name terms, HeHe!) I love her style, face and obvs her music. Her album was one of the few I actually buy the week it was released, I knew I needed that in my life. This is a really positive, glass half full, kind of song and she manages to do it without being cheesy.

4. No Doubt- Looking Hot
Another comeback band, I'm literally reliving my childhood. My friend said she didn't even know Gwen Stefani was in a band before her solo releases (!)- she obviously had no childhood! I quite liked their initial comeback tune Settle Down, it was supper catchy, but this was the one they performed on X Factor UK. It was weird seeing Gwen sing and rocking the trademark grungy style of No Doubt again. This song has a few different styles within in, there's even a reggae-ish part we can all jam along to.

5. Dappy- Bring it Home ft The Wanted
I was super excited when the boys (Nathan) were tweeting about being in the studio with Dappy. I thought it was such an unusual combination of sounds. But it works quite well here, it's another "we can do it" tune! And it's festive, for yesterday, "We're lighting up the sky, like the 5th of Noveeeemberrr!"
Hope you all enjoyed lush fireworks. I managed to see one, over some trees, as I waited for a lift. It arrived just after the show started, sad times. Oh, and I saw some pretty spectac ones behind some blinds through a window. Man, I sure know how to have a good time!
Promise I'll post more this week!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow
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