Saturday, 29 September 2012

Relaxed Egyptian

Hey Guys!
Just back from work and I thought I'd show you my outfit from today. I used to wear really dressy outfits with my heels and dresses to work. But I've come to the conclusion that, as I'm working at a theatre group with little kids and I don't really know what I'm going to be doing, I should probs wear relaxed/movable clothes until I know what's suitable to wear. Sadly, the "Oh, you look nice!" and "I like your ____" comments aren't as frequent, but I guess that's the price I may for not making an idiot of myself when my movement is obstructed by my clothes.
I really like this top, but I don't find that I really have a lot that goes with it. As it's a cropped top, I wear a white vest top underneath as, 1) I'm not confident in flaunting my tum and 2) It's Autumn/Winter and really not the right temperature to be flaunting a lot tbh! Any other pale top would work well underneath too, depending on what else you choose to team the cropped top with. This one is a pale salmon colour so maybe even a duck egg blue top would work. I like the cut away shoulder detail and the edge of the sleeves are decorated with little sparkly gemstones. This is one of my few tops with a graphic design on and as the design is black, this is the colour I based the rest of my outfit on. I chose a black cardigan and black leggings (with black tights on underneath, natch!). I was toying with the idea of wearing a pair of tan/tobacco coloured chinos instead of leggings, which would have worked just as well too.
I decided to accessorise with rings and bracelets because the top has gold and silvery bits on it too. I've got a group of black, white and tan thread handmade bracelets on my left hand. On the right, I have one of my ring-bracelet combo pieces, this one has a little skull in the middle and the rest of the sequins and beads have a pastel/peach/salmon colour theme. I also have a simple joined heart band around my thumb.
I wore my hair up in a ponytail, because I wanted it off my shoulders so I could show off the cutout shoulder detail. Also, I'm malting and I didn't want to be finding my hair all over my tops instead of on my head. Oops!
Walk like and Egyptian!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 25th September!

Hey Guys!

Here's what I've been grooving out to this week:

1. Robbie Williams- Candy
I know this has been around a few weeks now, but my friend said it wasn't so good so I steered clear from it. But having woken up to it recently, I've decided I really like it! It's really poppy but the lyrics actually take a dig at the girl the song is about. It's Kaya Scodelario in the video, I thought I recognised her. It's weird thinking she's like 20, she looks way more grown up!
Fave bit: "Hey Ho, here she goes...dumdedum"

2. One Direction- Live While We're Young
I like to have a little guess as to how hotly anticipated songs will sound, and I wasn't too far from the actually tune of this! Some peeps have called it What Makes You Beautiful Mark II, but I think it's a little different. However with the lyrics, can you imagine little 7/8 year olds singing, "Tonight lets get some!".
Fave Bit: Zayn's bridge part, then it's time to PARTAAAY!

3. Calvin Harris- Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch
After the success of Calvin's remix of Florence and the Machine's Specturm, I'm not surprised they've decided to work together again! I actually think Florence's voice suits dancey songs really well, as well as slower songs. The video is a little angry, but quite cool and arty at the end where Flo and the man are acting the same way in different circumstances and places.
Fave Bit: When Calvin's beats start to get quicker as Florence chants "I'm living on such Sweet Nothing".

4. The Cab- Bad
Apparently this group are some of Ed Sheeran's friends, and they sound pretty cool. I didn't realise that the vid has been around for a year already! I've only just begun hearing it on the radio The video is really sweet mixing text and image, then a little saucy, and then ends like "Stop texting my girlfriend" awkward!
Fave Bit: I like how it starts out sounding accousticy then the music builds and his voice sound more powerful.

5. Conor Maynard- Turn Around ft. Ne-Yo
I know I mentioned this when the lyrics video came out. But here's the actual video and Conor is looking haaawt!

Laters peeps!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 24 September 2012

Out for Dinner

Hey Guys!
On Friday night I was surprised to find out we were going out for dinner that evening. To be honest I was a little annoyed because I was soo tired, after a long and busy week. But I managed to put this little outfit together, so I looked half decent when I went out.
The Purple top is actually a body con style dress, which kept the top of my legs toasty in the evening as I only had tights on underneath. I chose the red skirt, as red is typically an autumnal colour, but I didn't have time to iron it. Whoops! I was sat down most of the evening, so I'm sure no body noticed. As well as keeping me warm, the lower half of the skirt meant that the red skirt didn't stick to my tights as it was a barrier between the two. It acted like a little slip. Purple and Red are going to be a few of the key colours for Autumn/Winter this season. Berry colours are totally trendy now, and this outfit makes the most of that pallet. A little cheeky fact for you, I actually have a warm vest top underneath the purple dress. It wasn't visible as it's one of those thermal ones, so it hides well. The black blazer is just the right slightly cropped length as it finished around the waistband of the skirt. My necklace has purple in it too, and the chain is a dirty gold which suits the autumnal colours better than a silver chin would have. I could have gone for long brown boots with this outfit, but I didn't want to throw too many colours into mix, so I stuck with little black heels.
I wore my hair in a simple pony tail, so that it wasn't all dark colours around my face. I didn't want to draw attention to how tired I looked!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Sunday, 23 September 2012

1st Day at Uni

Hey Guys!
As I mentioned in my Top Tunes Tuesday post, I started University this week! Exciting times, but I'm not actually doing a degree course so nobody believes I'm at Uni. I'm doing an Art Foundation so hopefully somewhere might actually take me next year!
This wasn't actually my first 1st day outfit, but one of my newbie friends said it was a pretty outfit so I thought I'd show you. This is the third outfit I've posted with this jumper, and it just shows you how versatile one piece can be. I have layerd it with a cotton blouse this time. I only had the collar from the white top on show, which created more of an interesting neck line. The white blouse has gold buttons down the front, and since I have buttoned it up to the top, one is visible peeking out at the top. Because of the golden buttons, I have gone for a golden head band. It's one of the gladiator style ones, with two strips of golden plaits. I don't think that they really suit my face when I wear them across my forehead, so I prefer wearing them as a normal Alice band and slightly splitting up the plaits. I have totally neglected any sort of jewellery this week, just after getting good at accessorising, but as the outfit is predominantly yellow and had golden bits, I would have gone for golden chained and banded pieces. I've just paired the tops with a pair of black leggings (which my purple warm leggings underneath) and grey boots. You can just see my bright pink socks peeping out of from the top of the boots keeping my tosies toasty, cheeky!
I liked this outfit so much that I wore this outfit to work on Saturday as well. I wore my hair differently, I had a bit-up-and-a-bit-down do going on. I also remembered to grab a necklace this time. A significant highstreet trend includes crosses and collars, so I've teamed the two together by choosing this cross necklace. However, I've just realised that the chain for the necklace I chose was actually silver. But because I have hidden the chisn underneath the collar it's not so noticeable. But the top button is still seen, so I had a small clash going on. Oops!

My small addition for work.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 18th September!

Hey Guys!

I'm not going to be able to post as regularly at the mo, because I just started my new course and my days are literally 7am-7pm. I'm knackered by the end of it. Hopefully in a few weeks it will all calm down and my timetable will be reduced. But for now here are some top tunes:

1. Cher Lloyd- Oath
I love this new singles from Cher Lloyd, I think it's from her Sticks and Stones release in the US. The subtle guitar bits sound quite old school. The verses are really quirky and have ideas that everybody can reminisce about and relate to. The chorus is a li'l emotions for me, with everybody buggering off to Uni atm. Although it is really catch and quite happy mentioning her "Oath to you" too.
Fave Bit: "You are my tuxedo, and I'm your bow tie"

2. Misha B- Do You Think Of Me?
This 2nd single from Misha B shows a softer side to her compared to the slightly cocky (but still very catchy) Home Run. I'm pleasantly surprised because I thought it would be a slow ballady tune all the way through, but when the dancey beats kick in we're all on our feet! This song is apparently dedicated to her mother, but she has managed to work the lyrics to apply to a range of cases that everybody can relate to.
Fave Bit: "One heart, One love, One Way..."

3. Flo Rida- I Cry
I'd not heard this until it charted the other week and now I'm digging it. Although it samples the recent Bingo Players'- Cry (Just a Little) -which itself samples another song- I rather like it purely because it's super catchy! I'm thinking maybe Flo should steer clear of the modern samples and focus on a few more original song because Wild Ones was soo good!
Fave Bit: The whole chorus- he's made it so easy because we already know all the words!

4. Matt Cardle- It's Only Love
Yay, Matt's back! I don't really know where he went, but I know it wasn't back to Simon Cowell's label! This will be featured on his new album The Fire under So Records. I'm quite excited for his new album because I think that it will be a better collection of good old Matt sounding songs. Don't get me wrong Run For Your Life was totes amaze but Starlight was waaay better. 28th October release date.
Fave Bit: "Did you think it would...?"

5. Christina Aguilera- Your Body
To me, Christina's new release sounds just like her older, classic tunes but brought up to date with a more modern rhythm and beat. From the sneaky-peek of her music video, she's sporting some pretty funky hair and shopping in her local convenience store. Whatever floats your boat!
Fave Bit: Her add-libbing at the end brings back the old days.

Easy listening!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Back to Work

Hey Guys!
After a luxuriously long summer holiday off work, I have now begun the new term again. I started back last week, and met all the new peeps and teachs. I just wore leggings, a white vest top, and my bold green cardi to that as I didn't know what we'd be doing. Top Tip for you there: Always bung on the leggings if you don't know what might be happening. They are flexible and durable. I could have been sat on a chair all day, in which case a pretty skirt and heels would have been fine. But on the other hand I could have been pretending to be a wiggly worm or been doing a super energetic dance throughout the day, in which case the skirt and heels may not have worked so well for me!
I went into town for one last shopping trip with my buds the other day, and I picked up this pretty dress on the sale rail in Primark. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a total cheapskate and even in Primark I usually make my purchases from the sale rail. It was £15 but now only £5, and I'm sure by the time you might get there it could even be £3! As you can see and read from my previous posts, I'm not usually a full pattern outfit kinda person. But I just let all my inhibitions go when I bought this dress. I chose black tights, which are a little thicker than regular tan tights, because we're coming into the chillier months now and boy do I whinge when I'm cold. So for the benefit of others I'm begun to dress warmer. There is black detail in the floral and birdy pattern of the dress and also on the thin belt, collar and button holes. This meant my cari and tight didn't look out of place. I chose brown dollie shoes because I don't actually own any black flat shoes. I tend to end up going for white shoes with black tights, which never looks that good really.
The dress is actually elasticated around the waist which really helps the material of the dress to blouse really well. The addition of the thin black belt emphasises this as it break the white block in to two smaller sections. It also looks as if the belt is making the top part blouse-sneaky. This style of top or dress is flattering on a body shape like mine, because the baggy chiffon makes your chest appear more existent but it can still emphasise a small waist.
Take a looksie!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Come Dine with Me?

Hey Guys!
The reason my Top Tunes Tuesday post was quite late this week, was because I was entertaining guests. I was socialising with ma gurls, before they leave me for each other and a little flat in Sussex (Uni basically)! We do little Come Dine with Me style lunches/dinners, where we each cook a different meal and we take turns to host it. This time it was my turn to do pudding. I've been watching Great British Bake Off and had totally been inspired to bake something other than a sponge cake. However, it had totally slipped my mind that I might need for collect ingredients to make anything so I rush out in the morning at 9, to pick up some ingredients for an apple and vanilla tart. They were arriving at 10 so I tried to sort it all out for then. It was super simple to put together, but I was still late and it was only half made when my first bud arrived!
This is what I changed into after she had arrived, but before my other friend came. After seeing her making the most of the last bits of summer, in shorts and pretty chiffon blouse, I thought my trousers and woolly top was a little too wintry. I had to put some shorts on underneath the dress, because it would appear that I have grown since I wore this dress last. For cooler months, leggings will be suitable too. I love the print on this dress because I bought it when laser print patterns were trendy, circa 2010 I think? With the zip being at the front I think that it looks a little unusual in terms of the design of the dress, as well as the design on the dress! I wore a simple white cardigan and white dollie shoes with it as the dress it so colourful itself, I didn't feel I needed to add anymore.
My B-e-a-utiful Pudding. I rolled out a square of puff-pastry and folded in the sides, so juices didn't run out. I 4 apples into thin-ish slices and arranged them nicely on the pastry. I sprinkled vanilla essence and sugar over the top and baked it gas mark 7 for 20 minutes. Once cooked, I brushed warm apricot jam over the top. Yummy! Just in case you were wondering how I made it, hehe! 

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 11th September!

Hey Guys!

It's a little late in the day, but fancy checking out some new songs?

1. The Wanted- I Found You
They're back! After working on the American side of things for what feels like far too long, The Wanted have returned to British soil to debut a new song. "I Found You" was described as something a little different to their previous stuff, so I was intrigued to hear it. I think it does sound really different overall. But I still can't get away from the underlying Piratey/Ibiza beats that sound a bit like Glad You Came. Out 4th November.
Fave Bit: "Confidence like a rock star"

2. Carly Rae Jepsen- This Kiss
"This Kiss" is meant to be Carly's second single from her album "Kiss". The beginning sounds a little 80's, but that's my groove so I like it. I think that it could be really catchy and maybs as popular as Call Me Maybe. I thought JBiebs was meant to be on this track too. But perhaps they'll release a remix with him singing along too nearer to the actual release
Fave Bit: "And she's a real sweet girl, And you know I got a boy, Details we both forgot to mention (forgot to mention)" Silly Carly. I like the echos on this bit too.

3.Ronan Keating-Fires
I think that this is actually a pretty decent effort by Ronan from his latest album. When the chorus comes in, it builds up and sounds really up-lifting. I usually like Ronan's stuff, but that's just between you and me. He was a proper hero of mine when I was little: When you say nothing at all, Life is a Rollercoaster, baby, just gotta ride it, If tomorrow never comes- I got them down.
Fave Bit: "And summer may be over, But she leaves you her song"

4. Bridgit Mendler- Ready or Not
I have only heard Bridgit singing the opening song to Good luck Charlie, but in this song she sounds totally different and has a really unique tone. She almost sounds a little jazzy and has a hint of attitude. The chorus is really catchy "I like your face, do you like my song?" she questions, HeHe! Apparently this has already been released in America, but I've only just come across the video.
Fave Bit: "You'll be my William, I'll be your Kate"

5. JLS- Hottest Girl in the World
Straight in with the funky blu-bedowda-blu-bedowda! These boys have also jumped the new sound bandwagon and are also singing in head voices throughout the chorus. Even though it is only composed of 14 word repeated 4 times, it's still so gosh darn catchy. Out 21 October.
Fave Bit: "I can be your toyfriend, I can be your lover, Take it how you want girl, treat you like no other"


Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 10 September 2012

Late Summer BBQ

Hey Guys!
Yesterday I went to a last minute summer BBQ. It was a chance to see some old friends form school before we all head off to Uni or other adventures next year. I'm not even joking, but this was the third outfit I finally chose. A previous choice was a top and some shorts and I went through at least 6 different tops before changing to this look! I wanted to look nice but not too dressed up as it was really a party, it was more relaxed. When I arrived my friend were surprised because 1) I wasn't too late, only 20 minutes, and 2) I wasn't over dressed. They know me so well.
I chose to keep it simple and continue with the colour blocking trend, with blue, white and an almost terracotta shade of orange. Blue and orange are complementary colours. This means that when they are placed next to each other the blue appears bluer and the orange appears more orange. They appear to have a stronger colour to them. There is a lot of texture to the skirt, which I think mixes it up from the usual attention on the top half. I have pulled the skirt to around waist height, which is where the denim jacket is cropped to. So there isn't too large a band of white looking out of place. I thought that the area around my neck and top of my chest looked a little bare, so I added a long golden apple necklace. I think a shorter one may have worked just as well, but I don't feel shorter pendants suit me as well. And to finish my look I chose a gold and purple gem ring.
This was the first time my friends had seen my fringe, so I put the rest of my curls back into a pony tail to highlight my new barnet.
I ended up bringing any actual food to put on the barbie, so lucky I was those 20 minutes late while I picked up some grub!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day Time Babysitting

Hey Guys!
Today I did some last minute babysitting for 3 children between 6-8. I'm a pro and regularly babysit for triplets so I thought this would be a standard trip. But silly me they assured me they were fine with lemonade at lunchtime, and they would not stop burping! Gross! Then we got the paint out and made out drink cans into microphones, because they give a good echoey effect. We wrapped them in tin foil and put glitter and foam letters around them. A handle can be made with the bottom of the tin foil wrap. A little tip for you to keep the kiddies entertained if you have several for a day!
Anyway, I thought I'd show you what I wore, because we also went to the parka and bought Ice Creams so this is a good park/river/picnic outfit. As you can see the main feature of the outfit are the hot looking pink leopard print leggings. Normally I'd think these look horribly tacky and wouldn't go anywhere near them. But I think it's more to do with how you dress them and the overall look as to how tacky they really look. I kept it simple with a white vest top and cropped denim jacket. This means there isn't an over load of clashing colours or pattern. I think that you could pair them with a patterned blouse, but be careful what style you choose. There are other legging designs that go better with a patterned top. The September issue of US Glamour mag, assured me that patterned leggings were hot right now- so here I am!
Oh, I also got my hair cut on Tuesday so I had my fringe put back in! Exciting times! I feel like I look alot older and more ready for next year now! It's not as wide as my previous fringe, so I've got to work out evening that out. I think at the mo it looks best in a high bun/top knot. I used to have a curly round bob with my blunt fringe, which looked cute and girly. Now I've got longer locks it looks more grown up.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 4th September!

Hey Guys!
Fancy some new musicallings to add to your playlist? Here are some of my suggestions...

1. Plan B- Deepest Shame
Deepest Shame is a total contrast to Plan B's previous release Ill Manors, in terms of style and sound. But underneath it is still about a modern issue, I suppose. I watched him perform this on the telly last weekend, and the way her speaks about his music shows how involved and how clever he is with his music. I can't really pinpoint what I like about this song, but it's a slower yet still enthralling.
Fave Bit: "There's no way back from here on out" I like the unusual pause between 'here' and 'on out'.

2. Ellie Goulding- Anything Could Happen
Ellie is back! I feel like this song is a mixture between a slow and dancey song. The verses are more meaningful with 'darkness', 'secrets' and 'war' referenced, but then the chorus build as we find out "Anything could happen" Really cute too, she (or probs someone from her "Team") has put together a lyric video with piccys sent in by her fans.
Fave Bit: I like the "!" part.

3. Karmin- Hello
As well as Brokenhearted, Karmin's new track "Hello" has been on repeat since I got their EP, also called "Hello". I have to say I absolutely love the styling for the video. The bold colours against the dark night night looks so pretty. I adore Amy's nail rings, and nail art, which I have recently found in River Island if you want to know where to try some on. Amy has such a cute little face, and then this "I'm on track so I'm gonna rap faster" voice comes out. And poor old Nick ends up cutting off all his hair, but he still looks like a li'l cutie pie.
Fave Bit:" Slayin' on it, prayin' on it, like a grim reaper", just the norm really!

4. Lawson- Standing in the Dark
Standing in the Dark was just announced on Sunday, as the 3rd single from Lawson's 1st ablum, Chapman Square. I've heard the song before from clippets when they were on tour, but there is now a studio version to listen too. I can tell you is sounds a lot better without all the screaming and thousand of addition backing singers.
Fave Bit:"She's dancing on the table" Average night out for me, hehe! "I'm looking through the glass, She's someone else's angel."

5. Amelia Lily- You Bring Me Joy
"Ameel-ya!" (Kelly Rowland accent) This is the latest X Factor UK act to release, loads have released from the last series already! Some not as sucessful as others, *cough* Bradley Johnson- Boomerang *cough*. But this is song of the better ones. The only thing I'm not too sure about is the start of the song, as it sound like it goes straight into the bridge and there's no build up or time for me to limber up to dance! But once I'm in the swing of it it's pretty good. She looks much better as a long haired platinum blonde rather than with pink and short hair. Now we just need The Risk to put out a tune becasue they were sooo good and I miss them!
Faev Bit: "And maybe we were built to break, And this loves a little more than we can take, Maybe we were built to last, And we're strong enough to break the past"
Check back soon for more Top Tunes!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 3 September 2012

Snazzy French Manicure

Hey Guys!
This is a little talk through about how I achieved my current nail designs. I painted them on Thursday afternoon, ready for a Friday night out, and they are still intact! I was looking on line for slightly unusual and snazzier designs for a french manicure. I've had a look on the blog that I found my inspiration on and, she's got some pretty groovy designs on there ( 

These are the nails I was inspired by.
 My nails are alot smaller and shorter than hers, so I've got less space to play with. But I managed to come up with something similar.
First, I obviously painted my miracle grow nail varnish on and a base coat over that. Then I applied 2 layers of a ballet pink kind of colour. Mine was actually called " " and it's by natural collection. I then painted the thin white tip by free hand. After years of practise, I've become pretty good at it. but if you're just beginning you can use nail guides, curved stickers to give a guide to the rounded shape. Then painted a final layer of my "Peach Manicure" which makes the "Nail Tip Whitener", also by Natural collection, look more natural. I then chose a coral pink nail polish and used a very thin ordinary paint brush to create small strokes in the top-left-hand corner of each nail. I never use the paint brushes for anything else and I have so many of them, I've finally put them to good use. As I mentioned, with my nails not being as long as hers, I've chosen to just paint the corners with pink. I then used a "Hibiscus" bright pink to paint thinner strokes between the coral strokes. I used a clean, new paint brush to paint the silver glitter across the edge of the white tip. I used a clean brush so that there was no colour background, effectively producing another line. A top coat, covering the tip of the nail and wraps around the the back of the nail, finishes the look nicely. Hey Presto!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Friday Night Out

Hey Guys!
On Friday I went out to town with some of my old school buds. We went to Nando's, my first time! Man, I'm such a wimp, I had my chicken on medium spiciness and that's was a little hot for me! Then we went out and about the town, I didn't really pay attention as to where we went because it was too noisy so I just followed everyone else. This is my meal and drinkies outfit.
I didn't want to overdress, because I always do and I knew that if I didn't restrain myself I'd have ended up going in a ball gown and 6-inch platform heels! (Not that I actually own either of the previous). I told myself that I wouldn't wear this dress because it was too dressy for a meal out. But then I had half an hour to get ready and I put it on thinking, "Well, if I haven't found anything else to wear in 30 minutes when I have to walk out the front door, at least I've got something on!". But I decided that by teaming the dress with a cropped denim jacket and my pale,flat, lacey shoes I could look tone down the glam-ness. The jacket covers most of the print too, so it's not too in your face. I tried to keep with a monochrome palette, note: very A/W!, with the only colour really being in the jacket. Except I had painted my nails the day before, and I thought I was going to wear a pink and red outfit. But they're not too OTT- I'll post them maybs tomorrow. My handbag fitted nicely with the black and white tones I was going for. Little info on the bag: It's actually from Primark! But because it was one of the few prim and understated pieces they do, most people think it's way more expensive! Paul's Boutique have recently done a bag just like mine, but with a gold plate on the from with their logo. I've had my bag for a few years now, but some people are still like "Is that Paul's Boutique?" I'm not sure I could afford to spend that much on a handbag. However, recently Primark have do a range of handbags very similar to mine, but with the bottom section of the bag being quilted- that's when I get rumbled!
As it was an evening shindig, I chose to bling it up! I had my ring-bracelet combo on and two larger rings, a black & silver chunky star and a silver antique brooch style one. As you'll see from my handmade ring-bracelet combo post, I have a small subdued ring attached to the piece. Since I was out on the Razz, I wanted to add more sparkle so I wore the broochy style ring over the top of the ring-bracelet's ring. I usually wear all my jewellery on my left hand so to even it up a little I wore a neat joined hearts band around my right thumb.
I clipped my hair back with a chunky greeny/blue/purple hair clip (one with a chunky metal pinchy fastening). This was more suitable and durable for the elements during the evening.
My friend, la Belle Mel, took the photos of me today. Bellissimo! (They're a little dark, but it was night time when darknes just kinda happens, hehe!)

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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