Friday, 31 August 2012

Coffee Catch Up 2

Hey guys!
I've done some more lady-like socialising this week, as I met up with my friend and her friend for coffee. Her friend is going to the same place as me next year so we got to know each other before term started. As I was meeting someone new, I didn't want to appear to dressed up, but I still wanted to look presentable. Also, the weather was super rainy! I got totally drenched walking back to the car afterwards. Even though I had a brolly with me I was totally soaked! Anyway, this is what I chose to wear.
The large, woolly, mustard jumper has made a come back. I thought I'd show you another outfit it works in. I've got my trusty jeggings on, which are simple and plain so the Mustard Yellow can really "Pop". I wanted to wear another pair of heels, but they were also dark blue, so it would hvae been a dark blue over kill- not cool! But these boots, I think, say dressy-but-still-relaxed-and-caj. Also, the heel isn't big so I could get away with teetering around town for ages (and running in the downpour). The brown colour of the boots is an earthy tone and fits with the yellow as it is in a similar colour pallett.
Whenever I wear something big & baggy, I usually team it with a long necklcace. This elongates the look, so you appear taller and slimmer, instead of shorter and rounder from the effect of the baggy item. Here, I have worn my owl necklace which has a few coloured jewels that catch the light nicely. I chose not to wear a ring as I knew I'd end up loosing it in next to a sink at the loos somewhere! However, I did choose a lovely chunky braclet which has the same dirty gold colour in it as the necklace.
Not gonna lie, my hair is currently slowly becoming an uninspiring/lifeless Afro- nowhere near as gorg or fun as the real thing. Basically, it's a total mess! So I decided to simply wrap a headscarf around it. I tied back my hair into a neatish bun. Then I wrapped my scarf around twice, and as my bow is already tied in, I just positioned it nicely. My friend commented on how neat and perfect the bow was. I accidentally revealed my secret that the bow was already done up, so I'd had many attempt to get it to look so lush!
Also, kudos to me, I've had deep blue nails this week and according to my US Glamour mag, I think, that deep blue nails are totes on trend! I'm such a trend setter, teehee!

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 28th August!

Hey Guys!
Hears what I've been listening to this week:

1. Ed Drewett- Summer
I love Ed Drewett's music, and lucky me he's just put out a new song called Summer. It's a little late as we're nearly in Autumn, but I suppose it suits the sunnier weather we're having now rather than the rain at the beginning of the Summer. Ed kind of has a talking singing voice, but it is also really sweet sounding. Ed is one of the men behind The Wanted's hits "Glad You Came" and "Lightening", so he's a pretty cool dude! I also love his songs "Good Morning" and especially "Drunk Dial"(I don't know where the original video has gone for that?)
Fave Bit:"When you go, The night I know just died, But it's fine, Next week you're mine," (I think)

2. The Noisettes- That Girl
This song has a little old school feel to it, as if there could be three background singers all dancing in time to the beat, clicking their fingers. I think it's 1950's sounding. This song was released on 13th August and it accompanies their new album "Contact" released 27th August (yesters).
Fave Bit: "If I was playing, baby, you'd be sorry...Baby end of story" I think it sounds so good when they both sing along, like earlier in the song.

3. Leona Lewis- Trouble ft. Childish Gambino
This is almost like the ballads that Leona does best, but it's not so dramatic and "Woe is me". I think it sounds more like she's over the "Woe is me" and she's trying to tell others she's "Trouble" and dramatic and ward them off. However, it sounds like she's too late. It's really different to her previous release "Collide", but I still love it.
Fave Bit: "I told you you should never follow me, But here we are and you’re in too deep" or from the Childish Gambino fellow "We were something together, but I wouldn't call it a team" Clever chap!

4. Dizzee Rascal- Scream ft. Pepper
This song was the Official Olympic Song of the London 2012 Olympic Games, but I hadn't heard it in full until after the games. I noticed that Dizzee got the chance to sing bits of it in the opening ceremony. Once I gave it a listen though, I decided it was a little bit of a tune. I have no idea who Pepper is, but she sounds so uplifting on the chorus. I do feel it Pepper, I will scream it from my heart and do you proud (hehe!). The only thing is that it does come to quite an abrupt end, and it's only 2:38 long. I feel that once I'm just getting into my groove, it's cut a little short.
Fave Bit: "I couldn't give a damn not even the slightest, My swags on point and my flows the tightest" Yeah, 'cause I gots me some swag, hehe!
"Boy it's lonely at the top, But it's overcrowded at the bottom" Good Point Dizzee.

5. Rita Ora- Radioactive
I was going to put Taylor Swift's new one up, but I figured that's been massive like everywhere so most peeps know about that. So I decided to let you in on an album track I'm loving! Rita Ora's debut album "ORA" was released yesterday (27th) and this is the second track on it. Boy does it get me in the party mood! Thinking I might have to purchase myself a copy of the album! Btw, I totes love her hair, she's so pretty.
Fave Bit: "Palms to the sky" when the beats kick in! Party/Pardy/Part-ay time!

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Coffee Morning Catch-Up

Hey Guys!
The other day I went for a catch up with my friend before she moves to Uni. Sadface! Despite the fact we went to a coffee shop we both got a juiceshake thing. Mine was a mango blended juice and she had a banana milkshake. I know you care, these are important deets to set the scene, hehe!

Prada Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
This is what I fancied wearing. It was a little warm but there was no sight of sun, so my legs were a little chilly but not noticeably.
I love the pattern of the dress as its inspired by the print from PRADA's S/S 2012 collection with the cars on. It's a really fun design and against the light pink the blue and orange cars really stand out. I think that the design or the dress is really flattering (well, once I've got the flat stomach I dream of, but time/effort y'know).
I chose to accessories with a pair of wedges on a slightly deeper & dustier shade of pink, and with pink and silver bracelets- including my ring-bracelet combo!

Caroline's Hair Twist
I didn't want to look too dressed up because it was "only coffee", so I wore a large blue chunky knit cardi over the top. But I didn't want to lose the shape created by the dress, so I belted the cardi with a medium sized tan belt around the waist. As the belt has a golden buckle, I would have normally chosen golden jewellery, but I added that before I put the cardi over the top.

It's not very noticable here, but I twisted my fringe and pinned it to the side of my head. I saw Caroline Flack wear it on the Xtra factor last Saturday and it looked better, as she has multi-toned hair so the blonde ends are more noticeable against the brown.

Have a looksie:

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Friday, 24 August 2012


Hey Guys!
On Wednesday I went to London to go the Victoria & Albert Museum. I was meant to go on Tuesday but when I was woken up and told it was time to go, I decided I really couldn't face walking all day after a hard days cleaning on Monday. But I managed to pull myself out of bed and off to London we went on Wednesday. I went to the V&A to see their exhibition on dresses since 1950. Some of the dresses were totally gorg! I had to pick up a postcard of a designers work that inspired me for my art course next year. But there weren't any singular postcards from the exhibition in the shop, so I went and bought a pack of 16. Logical thinking, hehe!
This is what I decided to wear. It had to be something comfortable, as we were on our feet all day (even on the trains there and back, I usually manage to nab a seat but it was chocca). I'm not gonna lie, I didn't really think this outfit through as much as I should have. It wasn't meant to be a particularly hot or sunny day. But of course if you have footless tights on under leggings, you're going to be a little toastier than others. Also, a woolly, knitted top probs isn't best in summer, no matter how thin it appears. Silly me! The pale coral knitted top is the second item I bought in the Zara sale last week. Because it is quite a thin top, I chose a black bra underneath with the idea that it would be slightly visible. But in the piccy below you can't really see it. It would have tied in with the black cardi and leggings. I only really had one choice of shoes, and it was these. They go with the outfit which is lucky, due to their brown, neutral colour. These shoes have a little band across the top of the shoe, so it keeps my foot inside the shoe when I'm jumping on and off the train and tube. I nearly lost a shoes before so I don't want that to actually happen!
A simple bit-up-bit-down pin up hair is a great style for when its warm and you still want your hair down. It means that there's not as much weight from the hair on you back and neck, keeping you cooler. It's so quick and easy and it looks quite smart, if you want it to. I just gently pull back hair from above each ear and pin it into place. Then I can pull back addition little curls with more pins. I usually fiddle around with my hair as I get ready for bed and get it looking really nice then. but when I try in the morning it looks so bad! HeHe!

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 21st August!

Hey Guys!

Top Tunes Tuesday this week includes:

Recently I went to a recording of the TV show “Red or Black”, and we were keeps in the dark about the performance. But it was Cover Drive! I’ll admit that I had no clue of how the song they performed went, but I still enjoyed bopping away. I found that the song was called “Explode” and it is serving as their 4th single from their album, Bajan Style. The single version on the song sees Cover Drive team up with Dappy, but I prefer the album version.
Fave Bit: “My world is your snow globe, You turn me upside down, You know I like the shake, You make my heart quake” Cute Analogy!

I’ve got nothing to hide; I love Kelly Clarkson’s anthemic songs. With her big lungs and a groovy beat, I can’t help but love them. This song is released in promotion with Pepsi, I think, where they’ve got several American stars to record songs in support of their home teams.
Fave Bit: The chorus has background “Get up, get up” repeated throughout, so that makes it really easy to sing-a-long with, which is all I want to do with this song! Also like the "I wanna be a Cowboy, Ba-by!" bit.

Finally, Fazer has put out his own song! After supporting both Dappy and Tulisa to achieve their number one tunes, Fazer has now offered us his own musicalling. It’s a really cool dance track with a few dubstep beats thrown into the mix. I hope it charts well, it’s released 26th August.
Fave Bit: “The way she moves like Shakira” Who needs the moves like Jagger now?

I’m lead to believe that this song is actually a cover of Kathy Brown’s 1994 dance track “Turn Me Out”. But anyway, I love the fun and light hearted vibes of the song because I think it shows the fun personality of 2 Shoes that, deep down inside, we all love. I’m feeling for a second single they should show off their voices with a less dancey song so we can hear them properly.
Fave Bit: “Turn me on, turn me out, make me scream, make me shout”

Jessica Jarrell- Up and Running (Blast from the Past Alert!)
Well, I was caj just thinking of something old that I used to listen to, to mix things up in my usual playlist, and this cracker popped up! I think it was 2010ish I must have been listening to this and I just remember how catchy it was, and still is. I don’t really know if she’s been up to much since back then, apart from the song Almost Love (24/7) which is annoyingly catchy. I swear I don’t even really like that song!
Fave Bit: “We’re going in al-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l throughhh the night, come on let’s get it up and running”

I’ll have to hit up the links later, but I’m sure you can pop it into YouTube yourself!
Keep Dancing!

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Scratchy Leopard Print Nails

Hey Guys!
So yesterday, as I showed of my new ring-bracelet combo, you may have noticed the funky little design on my nails. I'm not gonna lie they were meant to be normal leopard print nails but they still look cool and a little bit grungy, I think. This is the post about normal leopard print nail art, but I thought I'd just let you know why and how I got the look. These are my nails:

I started by applying the white as a background colour. Then I painted lots of red and orange dots randomly across the nails. I usually use my liquid eye liner to create rough outlines around the colourful dots. But as my eye liner is just a cheapo Primark one, which has a stiff brush, it has begun to split. This means I can no longer draw neat circles around the dots, but now a scratchy effect it created. The piccy below show what I mean. I also found that the liquid was kind of repelling on top of the nail varnish, which left edges that look fluffy and fuzzy. I think that the outlines now look like when somebody has sketched something and it's a little scribbley. My left hand looks better as I feel the right had is a little crowded and the outlines are thicker and less sketchy-like. It makes it look more messy and doesn't cover up the fact I didn't mean to do it like that as well!

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Results Day Outfit

Hey Guys!
So today was the all important results day! I hadn't been worrying about it at all until my friends mentioned that they were panicking. I thought it was tomorrow anyway, whoops! I felt so blasĂ© about it, I managed to sleep like a log last night whereas normally I would be thinking about it all night. I think it was because I knew that I couldn't change the results and I couldn't have done too bad. I'd drummed it in what I thought I would get, and I must be a fortune teller, or something because, that's exactly what I got.
This is the outfit I wore to pick up my results. I was going to go more summery but it was chillier than I expected. So I went with the cropped jeans, to keep the "Summer" vibe and a simple white vest top. I went shopping yesterday and finally managed to have a peek in Zara. Normally I would say they are super expensive and I would never be able to afford anything from there. But they do have some lovely things. I was persuaded by a friend who found some pretty snazzy leggings for £10, from Zara that's a total barg! The first thing I saw was a gorgeous emerald green, drop hem skirt. But unfortunately it was only in a large. Don't get me wrong I eat a lot, but not that much! So I had a rummage in their jumper pile. I didn't want to spend too much so I was picking and choosing between several pieces. This green cardigan was one on the items I chose to purchase. It's lovely and soft and cosily warm. The crochet design on the shoulders makes it different from my other cardigans, as does the colour. The only thing was that I decided to remove the label from it which was strangely positioned on the front collar, and the ribbon across the back (used to help hang up the cardi) was restricting the fit of the cardi so I removed that too. Just grab a Quick Unpick and carefull go about cutting the stitches. I didn't realise until this morning that the front was longer than the back, but it still looks pretty.

I've not really been a jewellery fan until now. But now I love layering up my rings and bracelets, whereas before I would have been pushing it to wear one. Since I first saw the bracelet-ring combo pieces, I've been desperate for them. I couldn't find any anywhere but it turns out I've been looking in the wrong place. I don't usually go into Miss Selfridges, but with 70% off you can't say no. I'm so glad I did go in though because check out this bad boy I found. It has an adjustable ring which means it'll fit over the chunkiest of fingers, like mine. And the best thing?...It was only £1 and I though it was going to be £2! I love the blue, orange and white colour theme.  I teamed it with a HultQuist ring, that I got for Christmas, and another gold framed bracelet, which I think I found when I was like 6.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 14th August!

Hey Guys!

Top Tunes Tuesday is back! First, a little update from last week’s songs: The lyrics video for Conor Maynard- Turn Around has been released, so take a look at that. Also, Lawson- Taking Over Me went straight in at number 3 on the official chart. Whoop whoop! This week:

I was actually listening to this song before R.I.P with Tinie Tempah came out. I love the party and summer vibe of it, so I was well ready for the Summer Hols in February! It’s out this week and has already gone to number 1 in Ireland. If you pre-order her album you get Roc the Life now, this is the song that has been on loop all week for me. I was desperate to put it in last week! I feel so gangsta when I’m like “Roc the li li li li li li li li life”.
Fave bit: “So put your arms around me baby, We're tearing up the town cause that's just how we do”

2. Ne-Yo-Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)
Bear with on the long song title, but it’s so sweet. Ne-Yo is such a gentleman and this song is another one to get you swooning. But it gets a little funky around the choruses and end of the song so it’s a good party one too.
Fave bit: “A heart of numbness comes back to light, I’ll take you there oh oh oh oh” Then is goes into a really dancey bit.
3. JenniferLopez- Goin’ In f.t Flo Rida
I can’t believe J-Lo is like 42, and she can still pull of the caps and baggy trousers and dance, keeping up with the younger kids. I aspire to be just like that when I’m 42. I love the vajazzled lips in the opening scene in the music video. So looks so gorgeous. The actual song has a combination of dancey, slow and rappy (courtesy of Flo) parts so it’s a really mash up of what J-Lo does best.
Fave Bit: “Tonight we go Orang-utan, Bananas!”

4.  Devlin-Watchtower f.t Ed Sheeran
This is a complete contrast to all the boppypoppy tunes I’ve suggested to this point, but I love the chorus and Ed’s vocals. I love the songs where you can feel real power behind the chorus, which Ed delivers here so well. Devlin does the talky/rapping bits over the verses. The song samples another oldie song All Along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix, but since the interweb is a no-no at the mo, I can’t check if any of that is right. Anyway, it’s released 19th August.
Fave Bit: The whole chorus, I couldn’t choose just one bit. And the video if pretty dramatic too.

5. Kyla La Grange- I Could Be
This is another different style I like. It’s a folk-pop ballad which build up in intensity from the word go. I haven’t listened to any of her other stuff, but I’m sure I will as this is from her album which I think is out now. It was the free download of the week on iTunes last week and I’m always up for a freebie.
Fave Bit: “I could yours if you write me a letter”…”I could be always, sometimes or never” More so on the 2nd and 3rd time she sings it where loads of background vocals are added.

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Suicide Roll

Hey Guys!
I know that I said I would post this little post about the 1940’s hair I wore on Friday, over the weekend, but my internet has been soo poopey that I literally couldn’t do anything on it. It’s coming back to me, slowly but surely so I thought I’d have a crack at putting it on now even if it kills me!
This is the post I am talking about, and I’m going to talk you though how to do it. I have created what I think is called a “Suicide Roll” and I have no idea why it’s called that, I think it’s quite cute really. I got this idea of wearing my hair like this from Amy from the band Karmin. She has even been kind enough to put a video online about how she does her roll. I watched this vid at the beginning of the year, maybe earlier! My way is very similar but slightly different because my hair type (frizzball I’m trying to pass off as curly) and style (grown out fringe) are not the same as hers.

You will need: Kirby Grips/Bobby Pins, thin-toothed plastic comb, thin-toothed (bristle) rounded hairbrush, hairspray-optional.

I start by gathering my grown out fringe brushing it all out. This results in a smaller roll because fringes aren’t usually as far back as Amy’s full section. Also because there is less hair in this one, I don’t find that I need to backcomb the hair in as many sections. I usually go with 4 horizontal strips. Starting from the back section of the fringe (middle of the head) I use a thin-toothed comb and brush downwards from the root working my way to about ¾ or to the tip. Once I’ve backcombed the section I just let it fall to the back of my head, like Amy does.  I complete this action with the rest of the 3-4 strips. Now they’re all done, I grab the fringe and hold it forward and used a rounded bristle brush to smooth out the hair around the outside (the hair touching my hand when I grab it). I find a bristled hairbrush works better, because I’m worried of undoing the backcombing if I use the comb again.

Now this bit might get a little complicated to understand reading without seeing it. I usually twist the hair inwards towards my right, like Amy does so the video might be easier to understand. Since my grown out fringe is shorter than Amy’s section, I don’t have to twist the ends as much as she does. To form the roll I use two fingers and my thumb, grab the fringe (about half to ¾ of the way down and turn it upwards (so the ends point upwards, towards my face), effectively folding it in half. Then to produce the roll shape, I bring up the folded hair so my two fingers are touching my hairline (roots) and my thumb is resting against my forehead. You can then reposition and work on getting the right shape my removing your thumb from the equation and gently moving your fingers around. Once I’ve got the perfect peak, I insert a Kirby grip from the side where my fingertips peak out of. Then you can decide where else is best to fix after that, I only tend to use 3 or 4 grips. Once you’ve finished grab the hairspray and as Amy says “Spray the shenanigans out of it!” I don’t always need to do this because I find the curly nature of my hair keeps it all together.

Thinking about it I probably should have taken pictures as I did it or even done a video, but you can watch Amy’s if you need a little help. In the photos below, I have added some simple twists to the sides because I thought my head looked a little tall and thin and un-head like! To do these simply grab a thin (2-3inches along the top) vertical strip of hair and twist towards your head. You want to twist in the direction that makes the front of the section come up and around to the back of the section. I use a wider, upside-down triangular section on my right (the side the roll faces) because the roll shifts volume and weight on to the other side already. These are secured with more Kirby grips and hairspray if you fancy.

VoilĂ !

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Funky Tribal

Hey Guys!The top and skirt in this outfit are new, so I was cutting the tags out this morning and noticed they said Funky Tribal by the bar code. So that's what I have called the post. The top has a purple vest top which is worn underneath a cropped, sheer, t-shirt. Silly me, I originally bought the top last week and though that the vest top was a little tight but maybe it was supposed to me like that. When I got home and put it on, I realised that the vest top was actually 2 sizes smaller than the cropped top. What a numptey! But after a simple swap I was able to flaunt around in it today.
The skirt incorporates the colour of the top but only in a small quantity, so it doesn't appear too matchy, matchy. I really like the tribal pattern, as it wraps around the skirt. When shops do their new collections they design piece which can easily be worn together as they have similar colours or patterns. When in the sale this is great as we can easily pick up a whole outfit for under a tenner, or fiver in this case!
I've slipped on a little pink lippy because I felt that it needed a little something as interesting as the hair (as I didn't have any other make up on!). My hair is 1940's inspired and I'll have a little post on that over the weekend. Maybe not best worn in front of a 12 year old, as they laugh as soon as you step into the room! But for a party it's a really cool and unique way to wear your hair. I felt that my hair looked a little flat on top, which didn't go with the loose, baggy top I have on.
I've chosen to wear wide trainers for my footwear because I think that it gives a good contrast between the glam hair and lippy. I was going to wear some yellow flip-floppy sandals which would be good for a summer sun stroll.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Trip To Town

Hey Guys!I just popped into town to change some clothes, and ended up coming out with more than I went in with! I've told myself this is the last time I go shopping for clothes this summer, but I don't know how long that will last.
This outfits it based around a very neutral colour palette using whites and tans. The dress is one which originally thought was a little too much and I thought I would wait for it to be in the sale. I always say this and then get distracted by other sales and shops when it is finally reduced. But this one I managed to actually find in the sale. It's a light pretty summer dress which is probably worn best with a slip underneath, but that didn't cross my mind until I was already in town. A slip does something technical, like catching the friction on the inside of your garment, but is made from a material which won't create further static friction with your underwear or tights. Confusing, but it basically means no VPLs or rising hemlines! I love the lace and golden stud detail on the front of the dress. It actually had a subtle yellow hint, but I still team it with a little white cardigan. Usually with a dress like this, the clingy sort, I wouldn't wear a belt around my waist as it emphasises my tummy. If I do I usually wear tights underneath to suck it all in a bit better. But I chose to wrap the belt around the cardigan as well so the way the cardigan comes our below the belt, looks more like is falling upon my hips rather than tummy. Coincidentally, my handbag was also tan, white and yellow, so my shoes tied it all in together.
Also, notice my hair? I've successfully completed my first fish-tail plait! Go me! I know I'm a little behind on this bandwagon, but I've never really understood what you were actually meant to do when people explained it to me. Luckily, I found a video on YouTube while on a hair and beauty vid binge. She did, like, 4 really simple yet effective braids.
Ma Hair!

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Spa Treatment Day!

Hey Guys!Today I went to a little Beauty Salon place and had a couple of relaxing treatments. The first was a Seaweed Mask, which I thought might be a very pale, almost minty, green and it might be quite thick but easy to get off. Wrong! It was a bright, bold, deep green thin paste which almost stained my bra and knickers bright green! As the Seaweed Mask was doing it's thing, I had a lovely facial. I've not done a pamper day before but it was really good, especially as me and my friends had a voucher so we each got our two treatments for a little over £25. Total Barg!
This is what I wore. We mooched around town for a bit too so I had to dress for the chilly weather outside. I've seen sooo many people wearing the puffa jacket-styled gillet over the top of a hoodie, and this outfit is my take on that look. I am a Kylie (label, not singer. Although I quite like her too) addict. It's the teen girls wear at M and Co, and literally their sales are the best. They've had a 70% off for a couple of months now and now we're at the point where skirts are £2 when they were originally £10! Even their full price items don't cost the earth. So natch I completed my 4th, and hopefully final, shop there. I bought the quilted salmon pink gillet for £7.50. I love it because it's a little different to everybody else's and my friends said they loved it today. Win, win situation. I teamed it with a floral hoodie because I thought it looked more creative. The pale cornmeal colour of the hoodie worked better with the gillet's tone of pink, then a mid-grey hoodie did. I chose a plain white vest top to wear underneath as the colour and pattern was all in the jacket. I've got my pink camouflage converse style trainers on, to keep the relaxed/chilled/casual and pink colour throughout the outfit. I chose black tights because it was a wee bit chilly outside, but tan tights or bare legs would have worked just as well.
The shorts are another purchase from the Kylie sale, 13/13+ fit (just about, but much better than my size 8 big girls shorts!). Although it is a little embarrassing when mothers come in with their 11 year old daughters and I'm there like "Hey, I'm 18 and this is totally normal"!They are made to be worn at this length, but I can also turn them up easily and evenly which is good so I can get two different looks from them.
Oh, and my is (was) straight this week! It battled through the wing today, but I'm liking the Kate Middleton Blowdry-esque look.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 7th August 2012!

Hey Guys!

I thought I'd try venturing into a little musical territory. I've seen alot of people with Music Mondays, but on Mondays I'm usually still recapping on the charts and listening to the new entries. But by Tuesday I have already overplayed them and I begin looking for new music. I thought I'd tell you about a few new songs I've got playing this week (and hopefully have a link so you can listen to them). They aren't necessarily new as in they've just been put out there, but I haven't heard them before and I thought you might like to hear them too.
Ok, let's get started:

1.Parade- Light Me Up
   I cannot stop listening to this song! It's such a boppypoppy song that I can't help but practise my music video skills to in front of the mirror to! It gets a little dupstepy, I think, around the middle 8 which it could sound as good with out. But it gives me time to catch my breath after busting out some seriously uncool moves, hehe! It's a free download so check it out.
Fave Bit: The first "Light Me Up" gets me ready to party!

2. Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen- Good Time
    This is a really good party song which I can image everybody singing along to at the beginning of September, when it's released. I like how it's such  happy "Good Time" song and there's not much depth in meaning so I can happily bop along to the woah oh oh oh oh bits.
Fave Bit: Carly sings "Freaked out dropped my phone in the pool again" and I saw a comment below the video saying 'she dropped her phone in the pool? I guess we can't call her maybe." I find it funny every time!

3. Diana Vickers- Colours and Boy in Paris
    I first heard Colours last week and when I went to investigate it on the Youtube I found Boy in Paris too. Lucky me! We've not heard much from Diana of late, but I know she did co-write a song for Enrique. Both of these songs are so gosh darn catchy!
Fave Bit: "We're more beautiful then yellow, but you're heart is beating blue, and you're seeing only rainbows, while the stars fall through" Naww!

4. Lawson- Taking Over Me
    I'm bad guys, I have a new popcrush every month and this month I've got Lawson love! I spent the other day just watching ALL of their "getting to know Lawson" little videos. I love it when artists do the behind-the-scenes because we get to see the individual personalities of them all. This song is out NOW and charted a number 4 on the iTunes chart on Sunday.
Fave Bit: "I can pull you closer in a moment just like this, I could stop the world with only just your kiss" Oh stop, I'm blushing!

5. Conor Maynard- Turn Around
    Sorry but this little hottie will probs be making a regular appearance in these music posts. He's so cute with his little jokes and funny voices in interviews, silly tweets and obvs that beaut of a face, HeHe! But anyway his music is super catchy too. I bought his album last week and I haven't taken it off repeat since. So it's either super good or I broke my iPod! This is just one of my favourites from his album, Contrast, but I've included it because I've heard it's going to be his next single. It features Ne-Yo, whose own new song is descent too, and it's a real "we can do this together" song.
Fave Bit: Conor's lyricing  ♥
Ok, I'll stop now...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 6 August 2012

Olympics London 2012!

Hey Guys!Yesterday I took a little trip on the train over to London, with the fam, and we went to see the Women's Marathon from the Embankment. OMG, the weather was totally horrendous! The poor runners had to run for a little over two hours with it tipping it down. Here are some of my piccys from the day:
Managed to catch a cheeky interview I think that German Coach did.
I couldn't hear them very clearly and my German is a little rusty, but he definitely said Danke-Thank You at the end.
Freya Murray came 44th overall.
Claire Hallissey came 57th in the end.

Considering they had done 19 miles in these photos, they were still going pretty fast. Fast enough to get an action blur! The runners above are our (awkward moment, I don't think my keyboard actually has a hashtag key. Oops!) "Hashtag" TeamGB girls Freya Murray and Claire Hallissey.
The day was really good despite the rain. But it was free so we couldn't complain really. That'll be why you have to pay for the other ticketed events- so you can keep dry throughout it, hehe!
I'm not gonne lie, the outfit I chose to wear in the end was my 4th choice! On days like this I know that I'll will be there forever in the morning deciding what to wear so I always plan the night before. I go for an outfit that I'd like to wear and one that if the weather isn't so great I might wear instead. But yesterday morning as soon as I opened my curtains, my original outfit and backup outfit went straight out the window because I knew it would have to be a "raincoat-over-the-outfit-I've-spent-hours-planning-and-perfecting-so-nobody-is-going-to-see-much-of-it-anyway" kinda of day.
After a couple of different decisions on what top to wear, I went with a simple plain white button-up top and jeans. I felt really dressed down for such a big event as the Olympics, but the only time anybody got to see it was when I took the photos below.
I did get to jazz it up a little with the necklace. Although it swivels around regularly, side with the colours jewels visible is the front. It's really sweet owl design that was a prezzie from my friend on my birthday. I was also having a meltdown over the state of my hair last week so I wore it in "mermaid waves" over the weekend. But as the elements were attacking if from all angles it turned into a major frizzball, but at least I got to practise my french plait skills and man, am I good now. HeHe!
 Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Friday, 3 August 2012

Smart with Sandals

Hey Guys!
I've literally done nothing this week, so I haven't worn any pretty outfits to show you. But here is one from not too long ago. I took the photos with the intention to post them her, but I forgot. Oops!
This is an outfit I wore to college, on a lovely warm and sunny day. I have days when I like looking chic and smart at college, but I don't want people to think I'm over doing it. This feeling comes usually on a sunny day where the combination of good clothes and good weather makes you feel totes amaze!
This skirt has a wide black elasticated waistband, but the rest of it is loose, allowing my legs to keep cooler in the sun (But that makes it a little tricky when standing up after sitting on the grass. I've learnt one swift movement and nobody will notice a little disgraceful moment!). I've teamed it with a simple fitted black vest top to keep quite a simple colour palette. I also wore a black cardigan. although you will be warmer in dark colours in the sun, as they absorb the heat, I find that if I have my legs and arms out I don't feel the effect as much. A white cardigan would also work well and go well with the almost monochrome scheme. A white cardigan is great in the sun because it should reflect the heat more in warm weather (Yes, this colour science may be the only thing I picked up through getting 2 As in Science GCSEs!), and it also protects your neck, arms and back if you are out in direct sunlight for a while. But obvs wear suncream too, it can be good for you skin even if it's not a sunny day.
The colour of the outfit comes through the orange/tan sandals which go with my sparkly red nails. Although I think my toes nails are a "Bright Purple". The purple probs goes better with the rest of the outfit as it isn't as bold as the red, and so fits with the subdued colours better.
I also have straight hair for this outfit! So much easier to make it look presentable when it's straight! Straight hair also makes my feel like I'm doing more for the smart-chic-caj thing.
Have a looksey:
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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