Monday, 31 December 2012

Dress Rehearsal

Hey Guys!
So yesterday we had our dress rehearsal where I work. As it's performances all week, I'm hoping to show you what I wore for the whole week! Wouldn't that be exciting! I like to dress up more for work than I do for Uni, so it's more visually exciting seeing what I wear to work rather than winter wear at Uni.
I tried this outfit on for Christmas, but decided there was too much going on, so proceeded to rummage thought the rest of my wardrobe! But having reviewed the look, I've decided that I actually really like the mis-match appeal of it. To the rest of the world, I'm sure it looks like a causally compiled outfit. But to me, and my slight OCD-ness, the layering on the tops looks messy and there are kind of too many colours going on that I don't feel match. But really when I was thinking about what to write, I realised that the look does piece together rather well. Obvz, green and orange are complimentary colours. That means when placed next to each other they help to emphasise the partnered colour, i.e the green looks greener against the orange and vice versa. The collar that's visible from the shirt underneath is a muted addition to the colour pallet, as the is black from the leggings. So it doesn't add any "mess" to my appearance. The shirt and vest go well as not only do they fit together, as shirts and vest have done for many years, they keep me even toastier too. Bonus!
I love my leopard print boots (Maybs a little too much, but everyone has the tacky section in their wardrobe. Mine happens to be full of leopard print!). I think that the brown colour scheme of the boots goes well with the orange/salmon pink vest. Also, browns and greens are seen as earthy tones when together. But if the grass you're looking at is the same colour as my cardi, I don't think it's natural. HeHe!
As I was wearing pale and colourful tops I let my curls tumble over my shoulders. I wore my hair in a bit-up-bit-down style, with a matchy green grip. I got a pretty golden, paper crane necklace from my sister for Christmas. I wore this as it's really subtle, but has a jewel in so catches the light nicely. My Miss Selfridge ring-bracelet combo has similar tones to my outfit. So rather than wear a bracelet and ring, then loose the ring when washing my hands, I wore the ring attached to the bracelet.
Change of scenery, literally. I took a quick pic in the theatre.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Jewellery Party

Hey Guys!
Not too long ago I went to a little evening do, that was a Jewellery party. It was a little like the Avon parties but this time the jewellery was laid out on the table and we could play about and try things on. I've been to the Host's house before and she had a Shoe party, which was Totes amaze! Lots of Zandra Rhodes shoesies which were a dream! But like the Shoe Party, all the jewellery was super expensive. So it was more of a look and dream, for me and my Mum, than seriously consider what it would go with.
This is what I decided to wear. It was a gaggle of my Mum's friends and then me. They know I'm into fashion and like to (over) dress pretty and look good. I didn't want to over dress because I know that I always used to do that at the "Grown Up age of 13", as I used to think. So I went for a smart/caj look. I would have loved to have worn heels, but I had been to London all day and my feet were tired! I think that the leopard print boots add a hint of quirkiness and makes the striking look more fun. Whenever I whip out the blazer I usually end up looking pretty formal. But the pairing of the leggings and blazer oozes the Smart/Casual vibe. The top is from Zara in an amazing £10 table sale! Because it is a knitted, woollen top the texture makes it appear more suitable for lougewear and relaxing, like a Christmas jumper is. The subtle juxtaposition of the blazer against the knit top makes for a toned down relaxed, but still want to be well presented appearance.
I would have gone for a few chunky rings and bracelets to spice up the look, accessories wise. But I wouldn't have been able to try any of the jewellery on then! I think some dainty, single chain bracelets and perhaps a necklace would add an elegant visual to the outfit.
A messy bun, always says, "I didn't want to look like I've tried hard, but I really have! At least I've hardly tried with my hair so I vaguely appear suitably dressed!"
Sometimes, I don't even realise myself how much thought I put into one outfit!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 24 December 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday on Musical Monday 24th December!

Hey Guys!

Since it's actually Christmas tomorrow (eeeeekk!!), I thought I'd treat you to a Top Tunes Tuesday on a Monday. It makes total logical sense, doesn't it? I thought I could have given you a list of my fave chrimbo tunes, but I'll keep it standard...

1. ENUR - I'm That Chick (feat Nicki Minaj & Goonrock)
I absolutely L.O.V.E this tune! It's uber catchy and is such a party banger! Lyrically, I'm not gonna lie, I can't understand half of it. I'm not cool enough to understand all the funky lingo. But at least I know Nicki's fave sandwich, Lettuce, Tomato and don't forget the Mayo! Little Sophia Grace star as the main role in the vid. Shes ditched her bud to move onto greater pastures new! This will set off your New Years party with a bang!

2. Ke$ha- C'mon
I thought I'd shared this with you previously but appaz not. I like the Yum like a Lolly Pop bit because it sound so cute. But I expect Ke$ha may have not intended it like that, HeHe! It's another party song from her newest album Warrior. I like how she describes a current relationship with analogies from childhood ways. Super cute!

3. Lawson- Learn To Love Again
The video to this I think, has made me feel like this song is a medieval triumphant song. Something that you'd hear at the end of Merlin. But I'm sure if I hadn't of seen the vid, I would think this. Really, it's another love song but it sounds different to Lawson's previous efforts because it starts really dark and no hope-like. But then the good time chorus kicks in and Andy serenades us convincing us that we can learn to love again after all this time.

4. David Guetta- Just One Last Time ft. Taped Rai
Just after I bought Guetta's Nothing But the Beat, he released the 2.0 version. So I was not a happy bunny with him. But as I'm cooling off with him I hear this on the radio the other day and thought it was a pretty top tune. My fave bit is the Even thought it hurts I can't slow down... part. As for Taped Rai, I've no idea who he is!

5. Chris Rea- Driving Home For Christmas
Whoops! How did this get here? Oh well, I'd better write something about it, TeeHee! This is my absolutely favourite chrimbo tune. I never manage to hear it until about now-ish and in the dark it makes me feel all Christmassy inside. But of course listening to SmoothXmas all day for a few days earlier in December, I should have known it would come on and it kind of ruin it for me a little bit :(. But now it's all dark outside on Christmas Eve, having a little listen puts me right in the mood to put out mince pies and carrots for Santa and his Reindeer's.

This (25th) is the last Top Tunes Tuesday of 2012! Cry and Die! But have no fear, I'll be back in 2013 with even more tuuuunneesss!

Merry Christmas!
Oodles and Toodles (and lots of Sparkling Christmas Wishes!)
Row Bow

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Inglorious Beasties

Hey Guys!
I've been busy beavering away with my Art work recently and now I have some pictures to show you all what I've been doing.
As I've mentioned in my little "About Me" section, I'm interested in Fashion Styling, and in a project this is the bit I enjoy the most. Since the beginning of November I have been working on a project called Inglorious Beasties. With the idea being that at the end of it we would have designed our own print for fabric based on inglorious beasties, printed the print and made a garment based on a draping workshop. Well, I've done all of that and thought I'd share the end result of my proj with you!
This is a sneeky peek of what is on my art blog ( and Flickr (
Here you go:

No more...That's your lot! You'll have to have a look at my Art Blog and Flickr for more, I'm sooo mean! HeHe!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Whipping Out the Christmas Jumper!

Hey Guys!
This is an outfit that I wore to work so I was keeping it warm, keeping it flexible and keeping it fashionable!
The cardigan is a new purchase and the closest thing I have to a Christmas jumper. The coloured pattern knitted into the jumper gives a nod to the trendy fair isle design of Christmas jumpers. It's actually from the Boys section (Age 13) in Primark. It was only £10, I think, where as in the Men's section some were nearer to £20. So total barg! When I was getting the jumper I also picked up the red leggings which, as they're from the same shop, are the exact same tone of red as the pattern on the jumper. This ties my look together nicely, along with my (then new) red lippy. The one thing I would say about the leggings is that I had to buy my actual size in them, as there were no larger ones. For summer this is fine, but in Winter as I wear more leggings underneath I'd rather go for a size bigger. They fit comfortably, but as the material stretches more the white label at the back is more visible. And when I'm dancing and prancing around on s Saturday everybody gets a little flash of label every now and again. Not a good look! To solve this I could cut it out neatly, but then I don't want a little stubby bit lets. Or SUPER CAREFULLY unpick the lable from the seam, trying not to nick another stitch and end up taking the leggings apart completely!
Because the white shirt underneath the cardi is also buttoned, the looks appears more sightly with cardi undone and shirt done up. It looks a little silly with the small golden buttons peeping out on top of chunky brown buttons. As the colour and design is all going on with my cardi and leggings my shoes and shirt are very minimal and understated.
I kept my hair down to balance out the look. I don't feel it really suits me with my hair up and the large woolly collar which emphasises my neck. Also, my dark hair evens out the dark red leggings on the bottom half of my outfit.
Looking hot, keeping warm! HeHe!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Top Tunes Tuesday 18th December!

Hey Guys!

My top tunes this week have been...

This is my favourite track on Rita's ORA album. It's also the name of her new tour which if anybody is looking for my chrissy pressie, I happily accept tickets to that! I love the rise and fall of the track and when the chorus kicks in the pardy starts! The video has a techy kind of theme but Rita always looks flawless and super cool!

After receiving little updates about the performances in America finally I have been able to hear the whole song! It's not quite what I was expecting. From the title I thought it was go into be a more poor me song, but it's about the 'us' in the relationship. It's quite funky. Who knows how America will take to it?

I like how this song is still very much Daley's own and Jessie just offers more powerful backing vocals. Because it could have very easily turned into a Jessie J ft. Daley song. The song is quite jazzy but modern and gives me a really good first impression of Daley (I've not listened to him before). Jessie has the natural beauty look going on in the video which is really cute. One question: Whats Genga-g-g-g-g-geng all about?

Having had SmoothXMas on all day trying to get me into the Christmassy mood I finally realised why I recognised the "Do you hear what I hearrr?" song. It's because this time last year JLS had the New Year song do you feel what I feel. I put it back on my playlist to get me in the festive spirit, because a day full of festive songs wasn't enough!

Genga-g-g-g-g-geng, as they say...
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 11th December!

Hey Guys!

New Vids this week ...

This is Conor's forth cut from his Contrast album, but for the single remix he has teamed up with Wiley. I didn't think I'd like it because they tend to cut the middle 8/bridge which is usually my fave bit. But here they manage to put a little bit of the take me to the dark and don't you ever let go in so I get my fix. It has a stronger hint of a dancer/ electronic feel. I can't really describe it but it's different to the album version. They tend to switch up singles to draw people in to buy it even if they already have the album. I don't usually fal for it, but I've been taken in by Mr Cutie... I mean Maynard!

I mentioned this a short while ago now, but now I've found the vid and thought you might like a little look. Still absolutely love it!

I promise this is the last consecutive week I will mention RiRi, but she has a new single and I couldn't ignore it! She performed this at the final of The X Factor and it sounded super dupe. When she performed I could have seen her performing it as a duet. I'm feeling with Coldplay as its quite different to her other ballads. I loved the contrast when she performed We Found Love too. Reminds me of how much I actually love that song!

Speaking of X Factor, James claimed victory over Jahmene on Sunday night. I didn't vote, but I was kind of siding with Jahmene because his album would have been more old schooly and totally different to chart stuff. But I'm happy with James as a winner especially as his winners single was much catchier and unique, I have to say. It's a cover of Shontelle's Impossible but his voice has a deeper emotional tone to it.

This is another video of a song I suggested a few weeks back. Girls Aloud are all pouty and slow mo here with a muted colour scheme to give the natural effect. A piece of black chiffon has a starring role!
Oodles and Toodles

Friday, 7 December 2012

Summer Outfit in Winter

Hey Guys!
This is an outfit that I wore to Uni yesterday. I have a bit of a trek to get there (2 and a half hours) so I would suggest that it is also suitable for a day out about town, or a walk, or a school trip kind of affair.
The top half, you may remember, is the same as what I wore to a Spa day over summer. Check out that post here. When I manage to wear my summer outfits in winter is makes me a little happier inside as I tell myself it's not long to go until we're back in the lush weather! I wish! But I have sneakily bumped up the layers to keep me toasty through the day. I have my thermal vest- which I basically live in from October to March! On top of that I've gone for a longer top with longer, but not full length sleeves. Then I've tried to hide a sneaky black cardigan as another layer. Also, because with all the extra padding the Gillet doesn't popper up very well, so the more layer underneath that actually do up to happier I'll be. Because there was snow earlier in the week, it has been super duper cold, so I've gone a little over board on the leggings. Don't judge me! I have 3 pairs of leggings and long song with fluffy socks over that. Go hard or go home, I say! So does, hehe! I had my thermal leggings then 2 pair of normal leggings. Cheeky: When my leggings are wearing down and I get that all the elastic coming out along all the seams, I begin to wear them as thermal leggings. As they are thinner than my actual thermal leggings, the are ideal for the reasonably chilly months (October, February- April). I wear them under jeans if I know I'm going to get cold, but I don't think it will be too bad, but I don't what to be whinging that I'm cold all day. If I want to wear leggings in Winter or Summer I don't want a VPL (I'm sure nobody does really, unless that's you're kind of thing. What ever floats your boat!) So by building up the layers (thinner layers in Summer) it reduces the VPL-effect. Also, in warmer months, when my leggings are showing a little skin through them, I'm wear the old elasticy ones or black tights. VPL and see-through leggings be gone!
Back to my outfit, Wha-Hey! Check out my new booties! Their Young Dimension don't 'cha know! HeHe! That's the children's section in Primark, and because I have little feet I fit them. The woolly socks keep by tootsies warm, but also help fill in the space inside shoes that feel a little bit loose. I love Leopard print on anything. My inner tackiness can't contain it's self and next thing you know I'm at the till paying and it would be rude to turn around then.
And there you have it. My Summer outfit transformed into a Winter warmer.
Oodles and Toodles

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 4th December!

Hey Guys!

Here we gooo...

1.  Solange- Losing You
I wasn't too taken a back by this when I first heard it. I much prefer her I decided (Freemasons Remix). But since it was the free single of the week, how could I say no? It's quite relaxing, but sneakily catchy. Totally different to her funky I decided beats.

2. Rihanna- Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary
I'll end up going through he whole of her album at this rate. But since I was waiting in a massive traffic jam, in a friend of a friends car I took note of this funky little tune. The only thing I would say is schedule time in to listen to the song because it appears to go on forever. I'm getting ready for bed and I've done my hair, put the jim-jams on, brushed my teeth and hopped into bed by the time RiRi calls it a day.

3. Taylor Swift- I knew You Were Trouble
From the title I assumed it would be a ballad, so initially I wasn't interested. But Hey! Swifty has gone a little dubsteppy with it. I'm not sure how much more of her Red album I can take. It all appears sooo catchy. I might pluck up the courage to listen to ALL OF IT! ( Also, a little gossip, and I know you love it! Appaz We are Never Getting Back Together was about T-Swift's ex-boyf Joe Jonas! Who Knew? I'm going to guess he worked it out.)

4. The Script- Six Degrees of Separation
This is why I don't think any album should be released with only one lead single released before. It debuted this weekend at number 40 on the chart. But I'm sure there's some music mastermind that has his reasons. I think that this is a lovely (well, as lovely as it can be) break-up song as it doesn't stray of the egdy-er sound of The Script. It's about Danny's model ex the beautiful Irma Mali. I love the play on words of the phrase "Six Degrees of Separation". Usually it's about how all humans know or are related to each other but 6 (I'm guessing) people.

5. Girls Aloud- Every Now and Then
I'm sorry, I've done it again. But this is the 4th and final now track from Girls Aloud on their anniversary album Ten. Again, they've gone down a dancey route, but more Ibiza circa 2003 with the background "dundundundun dundundundundundundun dundundundun". Listen out for it in the slower bridge. Not too shabby, worth a boogie.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 3 December 2012

Visiting My Buds

Hey Guys!
Oh dear! These outfit posts (the point of the blog) are lacking a little! Just as I get back into the swing of doing them regularly, another mountain of work avalanches on top of me. This time it's UCAS Round 2! I kind of messed up last year with it all, but I've got my head in the game now and I'm totally sure and applying to places I actually want to go to this year. Exciting times! But since I've bigged up my blogs and flickr, I need to get crack-a-lacking with it all again.
This is an outfit which I wore, what feels like forever ago, when I went down south to see my buds at Uni. I wanted to keep the look pretty caj so I was comfortable with all the trains (left, right switching trains- get the reference? HeHe, I'm soo witty! (It's RB-Friday)) But as we know I like to look pretty so I went understated dressy. Monochrome is big this A/W season. I kept my basic colour pallet to this with a white v-neck tee and some black leggings. Obvz I had the usual thick leggings and long socks hidden underneath! I have my grey boots on, which are disintegrating so you'll be seeing less of them now. If it was warmer weather and I didn't have to wear sensible shoes for the whole day I'd have gone with my white lacey dollie shoes. Or perhaps my brown butterfly dollie shoes. But be careful because as you introduce light colours by showing pale feet, dark shoes may break the pattern up making you appear paler or a little weird. The pink blazer is where the fun, girly RowBow-ness comes out but also the elements of understated dressy. It looks more smart as it is a blazer which generally smartens up any outfit. But due to the pastel pink and cream of the blazer it looks more relaxed and casual. If it had been a darker colour I would have looked like I was about to attend a corporate meeting to discuss ways to increase out profit margins whilst benefiting our shareholders dividends. (Yes, I did pay attention in Economics!) My nails were a little shabby, but from the photo the look bearable. They were a "Bright Purple"- that's what the bottle tells me. So to go with them I chose the owl necklace my friend who I visited gave me, as it has a few purple gems so it links in. My bracelet consists of pearly pinks and browns which blends well with my reasonably muted pallet.
I kept my hair down as it balanced my look of dark on the bottom and pale in the middle. I went a little fancy on the make-up and wore my (then new) red lippy. I had been looking for one that wasn't so bright red but had more of a hint of orange in it. This is closer but ideally I like a teenie bit more orange in it.
My friend Char took the piccys for me here, and she decided that I needed to show a few more details of my outfits as they are sometimes hard to see. She's a dedicated What Row Chose follower, hehe! Natch, since I took these I've forgotten but maybe it'll be my New Years resolution.

My Hair and Make-Up
Lovely out of focus Necklace

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 27th November!

Hey Guys!

I've been tapping my toes to...

1. Girls Aloud- On the Metro
I feel like I've mentioned them every week recently, and I probs have. But this is another new cut from their 10th Anniversary album Ten. It's a really funky and dancey tune- big contrast to Beautiful Cause You Love Me, and not as "girls run the world" as Something New. I love this and think if GA want to continue for another ten years this is the direction they could definitely pursue this direction. It reminds me a little of I Left My Heart in Tokyo and therefore could imagine a colourful and Tokyo city-like video. And appaz, Nicola wrote this too, Whoop Whoop!

2. Little Mix- Case Closed
Some listeners have suggested that this could be the follow up to DNA, mainly because it says to be continued at the end of the DNA video and logically lyrically this would make sense. I've been listening to their whole album on repeat this week. I couldn't decide which on to make a top tune. so I've decided that Little Mix's album D.N.A is my (cue fanfare!) Album Full of Top Tunes of the Week!

3. Amelia Lily- Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)
I really like this second release from the second-runner up of The X Factor 2011. I like the rhythm of the chorus and how it's all like dadadadadadadadadadaa (that worked in my head!). There's a little 30 second preview of the video floating around the web-o-sphere, which Amelia Lily describes as a lot darker with the ideas and visuals compared to You Bring Me Joy.

4. One Direction- I Would
I've succumbed to One Direction's new album Take Me Home. What has become of me?! I like this one which is surprisingly upbeat for a song where the boys admit they aren't as macho as "The Boyf" mentioned. The L.O.V.E bit is pretty cute though.

5. Angel- Time After Time
I'm not gonna lie, I've put this one in mainly because Conor Maynard features in the video. For like less than 5 seconds, but he's still there. Looks a little awkward once Angel and Conor have met in the studio then a couple of scenes later Angel has a lady friend in there and I'm not sure if Conor's meant to have left by then, but he re-appears a little later. The songs not bad, I quite like Angel's voice because it's a pretty singing voice and not aggressive and rappy- which I'm getting a little bored of.

In other news, Adele's 21 is out of the top 40! 1st time since she released it in January 2011, Ohemahhey!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 20th November!

Hey Guys!

Whilst cutting and sticking, this week I've been jamming to...

1. Rihanna- Nobody's Business ft Chris Brown
This is a funky little album track which sees a controversial teaming of Rihanna and her ex-lover Chris Brown. Personally I'm just listening for the music and not their personal troubles, so I really like this duet. It reminds me of maybs the 80's as it sounds unite disco-y. What does annoy me a little is how at the beginning and end RiRi fails to pronounce the "ss" at the end of business. Just sounds a little weird for me as she manages to say it properly in the rest of the song.

The main reason I love this song is because Nicola has lead vocals on the chorus. (If you hadn't guessed she's my fave!) And even though I've been listening to this like all week, I'm still getting ruled to the oddly places rests, normally I'm really quick to pick up new songs! Apart from that it is a beautiful Ballard which talks about the basin we wash our face in and tasting mascara that's racing. Lyrical geniuses!

3. Scream and Shout ft Britney Spears
I think it's Britney on the talky bit at the beginning, but she puts on a fluctuating British accent, which is half decent for certain words. It's a little funkier than Will's previous efforts but in other ways it's not too dissimilar to his previous songs.  It's pretty catchy too. " and Britney Bitch!"

4. Conor Maynard- Diamonds (Rihanna Cover)
I may or may not be watching Conor Maynard's gig live from the 34th floor of the BT Tower on YouTube as I write this, but basically he's done a cover of RiRi's Diamonds and it was voted for by peeps like me (Those who didn't read far ahead enough in the Metro last week to win tickets, so are watching it from the Computer). I expect they'll be video on t'internet pretty soon, so have a look!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Monday, 19 November 2012

Military Mustard

Hey Guys!
Since it's now winter, and my whole wardrobe is basically summer clothes, I've a feeling you're going to be seeing a lot more of my fave mustard yellow woolly knit! In this look I have "butched" it up a little compared to my previous jeans, leggings and dress combinations.
I have the woolly jumper over a white vest top, which probs has my thermal vest top underneath that too! I wore another vest top to cover the tucking in if my thermal top. I feel that it is cropped a little too high for no top underneath, because it's that awkward height that's too high because it is the lower part of my stomach.
I've teamed the top with a pair of khaki green trousers, which are a little more rufty-tufty than jeggings. The pockets on the sides, and small scuffs on the material give it a more rugged appeal. Also, the big grey boots remove any speckle of girliness that may once possibly have been in this outfit.
In the two images below I have worn my hair down which is how I wore it when I went out. But I think that by clipping my fringe up into a quiff style (Fold and twist the fringe back and push towards your forehead and use Kirby grips to hold) adds to the hardened look and my curls are a little "pretty" for this look. But they are pretty boisterous in this photo- probs a day where that annoying rain (that is really light but quite heavy at the same time) was coming down.
I've not accessorised with any jewellery here, but I reckon a few bands- leathery ones with the poppers- would go with the look well.
Have a gander.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Friday, 16 November 2012

Winter Dress

Hey Guys!
My Friday off this week wasn't as exciting as last week with shopping and what-not, but I did get lots of important CV and job stuff done. Dream Job here I come!
You may recognise this dress from my very first post on Valentine's Day (good times!) if you've back tracked that far. But I thought I'd show you how I re-worked the dress for work. I went with black tights which is gives a more floaty and feminine appeal. I kept to brown tones with my tan belt and flat lacy dollie shoes. The deeper red, browns and black are very trendy autumnal colours every year. The red especially this year with Berry colours popping up. I accessorised with a thinner and longer belt compared to before, which allowed me to wrap it around and tuck it in, this adds to a more relaxed look this time. To be honest my hair was a total mess this day, so since my fringe wasn't playing game, I've braided it across my head to keep it neater and off my face. It's not so clear, but I added a black double plait headband to tuck the whispy bits under. The rest is in a bun which looks okay, but I prefer wearing my hair totally down and girly or a big pony tail and best as it evens up the balance with the fuller skirt. (A Whole New World from Aladdin just came up on shuffle! Magical, hehe!)
I've even taken a picture of my skirt in full flow so you can see how swishy it can be! This is probs the only winter dress I actually own, because it is made of a thicker and heavier material which keeps me warm. Also, I'm sure that by wearing the slip underneath traps heat and effectively insulates the dress. My slip is a little bit of a awkward length because it is a little longer than my dress. But as it's hemmed with lace I could wear it longer than the dress. Or, what I usually do, is try to hitch it up a little so you can't see it.
With the brown tones already in my outfit, too keep the relaxed autumn vibe, I'd wear my brown aviator jacket as a coat with this look.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 13th November!

Hey Guys!
Some catchy tunes this week are...
As much as I really didn't want to like this song I can't help myself. I saw it as a song where 1D were trying to be a little cooler and more Ed Sheeran-y, it was written by him after all. But after seeing them on X Factor on Saturday I think that the difference in their performance to what they normally do, was so mature. This song has a lot more meaning to it compared to requesting the get "crazy, crazy, crazy".
On my day off I was watching The Ellen Show and it was she one where Taylor Swift was performing. (It was super cute a funny when she went down the haunted hall, aww) She performed the lead single and title track from her album Red. I instantly fell in love with this song, especially the bridge where she breaks it down a little bit.
This is a lot calmer than I was anticipating from a comeback single from the boys, but I suppose it's part of their maturing sound. I saw them on their keep calm and play louder tour this March and they were totally amazing! I'd recommend touch the rain as one of their new songs, but I don't know if it will be on their album. They didn't perform this when I saw them, but the video is pretty nifty.
I think that this some sounds really pretty, compared to what I'm expecting from some of the artists mentioned. But then when I think about it, Stooshe have pretty voices, Angel does some pretty songs, Tyler James is pretty (face and voice) and Fazer plays really pretty piano and writes deep lyrics sometimes. What a pretty combination of people! It's another Children In Need song.
So this is an old song, it was already old when the movie I'm about to mention came out. But The Inbetweeners Movie was on the old tellybox last week and it reminded me how totally brilliant this song it. I can't contain my dance skills when this song comes on, it's too darn enticing in the chorus!
Get Listening!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Uni Wear 2

Hey Guys!
I had my first Friday off this week, and guess what I spent it doing? Shopping! I felt soo stingey because I was Like, "Oh, that cardi is nice. But it's £10 and that's one train fare into Uni!" But I did splurge on a toasty patterned cardi. Before that I just had tights and socks in my basket and I felt like such an old lady, stocking up on my thermals!
Anyway, this is a relaxed outfit that I've worn to Uni previously. I thought it would be good to show you what I wear when I'm doing a messy art course. Sometimes, I find it hard to combine the pretty and practical elements and that's when it ends up being a leggings and baggy Tee day.
But with this outfit I managed to create a dressy-yet-relaxed look, I think. I don't have a simple denim shirt, but I do have this pale denim-style dress. It poppers down to the hips really, so I bunch it up a little higher and wrap a belt around it. I try to cover the lower waist band with the belt so there aren't too many cuts across my body. To keep me warm over these winter months, I wear my black leggings and match them with a black cardigan. I usually wear my older sisters cardigan if I'm going to wear it over this baggy dress-top. This is because it is a couple of sizes bigger and a) I don't want to stretch my own out of shape, and b) It goes better with the looser appeal of the look. It doesn't greatly affect the look, but my smaller one has to stretch more which would sculpt my arms and then give me funny proportions! I think that rolling up the sleeves just makes the outfit a little lighter, as there becomes a pale blue band around my elbows and also it shows my lower arms. It breaks up the dark black block from the cardi and leggings.
I think that the boots keep the look a little less feminine and more edgy. This look would look great with a causal denim shirt too, that would produce a more masculine look if you didn't choose to add the belt.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Job Interview

Hey Guys!
Last month I went for a job interview for a little Christmas position at John Lewis. It was a group sesh, so we sat in a circle and listened to the bigwigs tell us about their journey to the top spot. Then we were put into 3 little groups and had to think of a festive dish that we would serve in the Place to Eat, and how we would market it. It was like the week or two before Halloween (belated Happy Halloween to you!) and what a cowinkydink it was that all three groups chose Pumpkin Soup! We were all baffled, but we should have seen it coming really! Then, if we were successful, we got through to one-to-one interviews. I was! So I then had a further wait as I spoke to the other successful peeps, and finally went in for my one-to-one. There were two people interviewing, and mine was with the top dog herself, and she said she really liked my skirt. So this outfit is deffo a winner for an interview- even if I didn't get the job!

I think that for an interview it is obvs always important to dress well and make a sophisticated first impression. This will come across well the the employer that you can be taken seriously and that you want to make a good impression in order to get the job. I always whack out the blazer in smarter situations. Mine is a cropped length which means it works really will with my collection of hight-waisted skirts. I don't like wearing trousers to interviews ( I never have worn them to one actually). I think that I can create a more individual, unique and most importantly memorable outfit when incorporating a skirt into the outfit. Monochrome is a key trend this A/W season. I usually keep with a black and white colour pallet, then add an accent colour to pop from the outfit. I chose purple here, and it comes through on the tribal pattern of the skirt. By inserting a hint of colour into the outfit it also makes the look slightly more relaxed and I don't feel totally overdressed.
MAJOR WARNING: Only wear heels if you are 100% comfortable in them and have a spare pair of tights in you bag! Unfortunately, I had an experience which I will share with you so you can avoid it. I was going into a big stadium for an interview in one of the offices inside. However, it was heavily raining outside, making my shoes and floors slippery. These two surfaces do not go well together. (It's not the first time I've done this) Basically, I slipped and ripped a massive hole at the top of my (tan, thankfully) tights and the next day had several massive bruises down my thigh. I had to cross my legs/keep them together throughout the whole interviewing process to hide it. Not Cool! I now only wear heels if I know that I am going to be on a carpet or wood flooring, non-shiny surfaces.
I kept my hair off my face because I think that the combination of a dark top and my dark hair makes me look a little drained and pasty. I kept it off my face and wore my fringe as I think ponytails looks really pretty and elegant in with smart outfits.
Lesson learnt, if you go with wet weather and heels, best bet is to wear tan tights.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 6th November!

Hey Guys,

I'm so bad, I know. I'm just getting in the swing of when I have any free time to do anything but art! I now have Fridays off (Whoop, Whoop!) I think we're meant to do work then, but I'm going to make sure I schedule you guys in!
Anyway, keeping me occupied on my 3 days off last week. (Reading weeks- gotta love 'em!)

1. Taylor Swift- Everything Has Changed ft Ed Sheeran
This is an album track from Taylor's new album Red. I think that Ed was involved in possibly a few different things around the album and this is the result of one of those "things". I think that it is a really nice song until you begin to hear the shouty chorus of people, which are reminiscent of We Are Never Getting Back Together. Apart from that, I like it more than I thought I would.

 2. Pink- Try
I saw the video for this a few weeks ago and wasn't too impressed with the song. I think his was because I was mesmerised by the video as it's so artistic and beautiful (I always feel really naff saying the b word, but I really mean it here!) But having heard the song more and more frequently on radio over here, I'm beginning to fall in love with the song as much as the video.

3. Rita Ora- Shine Your Light
Words cannot describe the girl crush I have with Rita (we're on first name terms, HeHe!) I love her style, face and obvs her music. Her album was one of the few I actually buy the week it was released, I knew I needed that in my life. This is a really positive, glass half full, kind of song and she manages to do it without being cheesy.

4. No Doubt- Looking Hot
Another comeback band, I'm literally reliving my childhood. My friend said she didn't even know Gwen Stefani was in a band before her solo releases (!)- she obviously had no childhood! I quite liked their initial comeback tune Settle Down, it was supper catchy, but this was the one they performed on X Factor UK. It was weird seeing Gwen sing and rocking the trademark grungy style of No Doubt again. This song has a few different styles within in, there's even a reggae-ish part we can all jam along to.

5. Dappy- Bring it Home ft The Wanted
I was super excited when the boys (Nathan) were tweeting about being in the studio with Dappy. I thought it was such an unusual combination of sounds. But it works quite well here, it's another "we can do it" tune! And it's festive, for yesterday, "We're lighting up the sky, like the 5th of Noveeeemberrr!"
Hope you all enjoyed lush fireworks. I managed to see one, over some trees, as I waited for a lift. It arrived just after the show started, sad times. Oh, and I saw some pretty spectac ones behind some blinds through a window. Man, I sure know how to have a good time!
Promise I'll post more this week!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 30th October!

Hey Guys!

Before I start, I quickly wanted to show you what I've been doing for the past few weeks, and why my postage has been a'lacking. This is the blog link to my Art Blog, which we have to have for our course: . At the moment it's up-to-date because I had a assessment yesters (which is why you might notice I've backdated this post-Cheeky!)

Anyway, these are some songs that have been on my playlist this week, to get me through the mountain of work I had to complete!

1. Tulisa- Sight of You
I realised that I totally meant to put this on last week, but totally forgot! It's completely different to her two previous releases, Young and Live it Up. With a ballad type song, I would normally expect some majorly diva tones. But Tulisa doesn't include alot of that here, little disappointed but it means I can sing along to it now without making everyone jealous with my voice of an angel. HeHe! One thing I really can't stand is at the end of this heart felt song, T just point blank goes "The End".

2. Chris Brown- Don't Judge Me
Okay, so I know I'm a little late on the bandwagon of this song. But after a certain Maynard sibling tweeted religiously about it when it came out, I thought I might check it out. It's all slow and calming, and sounds a little bit like a tear jerker. Basically, I think the jist of the story is that Chris cheated on his girlfriend and his girlfriend found out through rumours and other sources- but Chris pleads "Please, Don't judge me" as it was a long time ago. Watching the video, I always think it must be awkward to to the shaky chair parts at the end, and watching the behind the scenes doesn't make it any less awkward.

3. Kelly Clarkson- Catch My Breath
Whoop, whoop! Kelly's back, with her signature power vocals. This is one of the new tracks on her Greatest Hits-Chapter 1 album. The song is about her story from since winning the first series of American Idol all the way up to now. Weird to think she's already been around for 10 years! I like the bit where she's like " No-one can hold me back, I ain't got time for that!".

4. Naughty Boy- Wonder ft. Emeli Sandé
"Wooooooaaahh Wooooah, oh, we are full of wooonder!" This is the happiest I ever heard Emeli Sandé sing! She sounds so positive, I wasn't expecting this. Emeli and Naughty Boy's last collaborative effort was on the track Daddy, on Emeli's album, Our Version of Events. That had alot more of a darker and sinister sound, but here it's all party on down.

5. District3- Beggin'/Turn Up the Music
Love, Love, Love this! I've followed GMD3, as they were previously known, for a little while now and this is just what I was expecting from them since Week 1on The X Factor. I love their Call Me Maybe and Payphone covers on YouTube too! It doesn't hurt that they're pretty cute and funny too- love their backstage stuff.

Oodles and Toodles 
Row Bow

Monday, 29 October 2012

Work Wear 4 (?)

Hey Guys!
As it's getting colder, in these winter months, I think I'll begin taking you on a tour of my kitchen. This is my lovely door which leads to the hall. To my left are teapots, and to my right are recipe books. HeHe!
This is another work outfit. It was all so sensible, until I put the shoes on. It was one of the only mornings that we ended up running around. We played "Two's Company, Three's a crowd", which is basically a cat and mouse game. I ended up being caught, therefore becoming the cat and it was supper tricky trying to catch sprinty little kiddies-they're so fast! I managed to tag one eventually, but then they ended up being the cat for the rest of the game. Poor kid!
The main attention of my outfit is on the chain print, patterned top. I love the bold blue background colour of the top, it's an unusual choice for me as it's a little bold and it's not pink! It's quite a short top, but not cropped, so I went with a slightly shorter cardigan. Anything longer would create too many cuts and obvious changes of fabric. I know you're not really meant to match dark blue/navy with black, but I don't think it looks too clashy here. The black leggings go with my black fluffy-cuffed boots. Cheeky, you can see my bright pink socks peeping out of the top. But at least my tootsies were toasty!
I've lost my simple golden apple necklace, sadface! So I teamed the outfit with a bluey/purple jewelled owl necklace I also wore my blue/peachy toned ring-bracelet combo.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 23rd October!

Hey Guys!

Whoopsie Daisy! I've been so busy with my art, making suitcases into hoovers, making a storybook about the President's Wives's battle for the White house and creating a body adornment for an irreversible environmental disaster, that's I've not had the time to tell you what outfit's I've been parading about in and what new music I'm digging. But I'm back now, not to worry, and I've just signed up to a new playlist site so here's what I've put on it this week:

1. Ne-Yo- Forever Now
Love, Love, Love this new track form Ne-Yo. It starts all dramatic with only a piano to accompany Ne-Yo's voice. The lyrics sound pretty emosh coming from Ne-Yo as he questions, "What am I gonna do with Forever Now?" Keep singing is what he does! It progressively turns more and more dancey and you find you just can't help but bounce around the room a little.

2. Girls Aloud- Something New
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Girls Aloud are back with what I would class as a  BANG! I may be a little exicted about their return, but it's bittersweet as this is the last time (supposedly). Their last album, their last tour (which is pretty pricey tbh) and maybs their last single- but I don't know about that one. I love that Nicola and Kimberly have a similar amount of lines as the other girls. I think that they both have more unique voices which weren't used as much before. This is actually the official Children in Need single this year, so it's all for a good cause. And they all have their own Pandora bracelets out, but if I can't afford a tour ticket, I'm thinking the bracelet may be even further out of my price range!

3. Justin Bieber- Beauty and a Beat ft. Nicki Minaj
So, I know this isn't a new song, but the video is out now. Can I just say that nobodies hair looks that good after coming out of a pool! This was my favourite track off of his album, so I'm glad it's being released. Nicki's rap is so fun to join in with, it also helps that I've had months to get it perfect for when it now comes on the radio.

4. Usher-Numb
I've had this on repeat since last week, and it's not stopping yet!  A bit like Ne-yo's song, it starts off slow and builds. But this one gets more intense a little quicker. There is more of a mix of lows and highs of the song , too. I've not got his Looking 4 Myself album, but after hearing this I might have to pinch it from a friend.

5. Jasmine Villegas- Didn't Mean It
This song is "old" in the meaning of that I was listening to it non-stop over summer. But I've added it my play list again this week and I'm still loving it. The video is a pretty realistic in the first scene, so probs not best for little'ns (so I've linked to a lyric vid). But I think that it gives the song more meaning. And she may not be the next Beyonce, but (from what I've read it's based on a previous relationship of hers) you can hear more emotion in her voice that other popular peeps at the mo.

Boy you better watch your back, we're the leaders of the pack. Tell me can you handle that?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 9th October!

Hey Guys!

I think these are some "Top Tunes!"

1. Olly Murs- Troublemaker ft Flo Rida
I love Olly's old school sounding tunes. They are so happy and jazzy. I wasn't expecting Flo Rida to pop up here, I thought he would make it sound too cool and a little "Brap Brap"-y. But his rap isn't too in your face as it's slower than usual, and there are no "whistles" here! I think this is Olly's debut in America so I expect Flo is being a good bud and helping raise the profile of the song.

2. Swedish House Mafia- Don't You Worry Child ft John Martin
This is SHM's last song, ever! (Possibly-don't pop stars always say that?) Sadface! I've only started to find an interest in them in the past few years and now they're buggering off! Bit rude if you ask me. Even though it's their last, I think it is just as good as their previous efforts. Ngl, at the beginning of some verses the man sounds a little like Gary  Barlow, I think. Hehe!

3. Maroon 5- One More Night
I heard this song as soon as the video got put up to be honest (I haven't got their album). But it's only just made it's way onto British airwaves. The tune is soo catchy, even if I don't know all the words I still sing it around the house. The oh-oh bits are the best! And the video is not bad either. Hottie alert, it's Adam boxing! But it gets me everytime when he comes home and she's gone, and you knew she was going but he doesn't.

4. Ke$ha- Die Young
Yay, Ke-dollarsign-HA! is back! I've missed being able to release my inner-Ke$ha when singing along to her songs in the speacial Ke$ha voice we all have! This is another dancey pop tune, although it is a little samey throughout, but it's still dancable.

Give them a listen!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Jerwood Space Visit

Hey Guys!
On Sunday, I went up to London to visit the Queen. Hehe! No, really I went to have a look around the Jerwood Space, which had the Drawing Prize exhibition on. I have to go visit it and take it all in for my art course, so I dragged the whole fam with me! Not gonna lie, I'd have rather gone to the Science Museum, but I suppose the Jerwood and the Tate Britain, which we also went to, will be more beneficial to me in my studies. Hopefully!
This was the outfit I wore. It was actually a little chillier than I was expecting so the chiffon top was probs not the best thing, but I did have a coat to keep me toasty. The top is just one layer of chiffon, which means it is easily see-through. Normally I'd wear a green bra, so it is visible but subtle as it goes with the green theme. But I couldn't find it Sunday morning, so I went with a nude one which I think looks just as good because there is alot of green uptop anyway. I chose a pair of yellow colour pop trousers, which compliment the bright green tones well. I added my green cardi over the top as the it is a more similar tone to the yellow of the trousers, keeping the overall palette more mid-toned rather than bright and in-your-face.
I wore my grey boots as they're most comfortable for pootling around town in, but brown pump-like shoes would probs have worked better.
I forgot any jewellery. Silly Me! But I'd probably have left any rings by a sink to be honest, so best that I didn't wear them!


The Jerwood Exhibition closes on the 28th October, I think. It was quite interesting as some artists focused more on their approach on the "Drawing" rather than the final piece itself. I liked the "Crossing the Line" animation if you do check it out. Now I just have to write it all up in my art journal. Funtimes!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Mustard Yellow Jumper Mark IIII

Hey Guys!
Work is the only place I can actually wear nice things, without the worry of getting them covered in paint or glue! This is what I wore to work today. It is the the 4th outfit I've shown you with this jumper, which means I've certainly got my value for money out of this Summer Sale buy!
This time I have worn the baggy jumper over a navy blue bodycon style short dress. This makes it look relaxed but is still flattering as the part of the dress showing is fitted around my derriere! Today was the first time in 3 weeks that I haven't worn a thermal vest or leggings over tights. It was actually a rather pleasant day! In my head when planning this outfit, it looked better than when I put it on. I find that when this happens I need to accessorise more and do something interesting with my hair.
As the yellow jumper is baggy, when my hair was down it looked a little sad. But with my hair scrapped away from the sides of my face, and only worn over one shoulder it looks neater and happier. I really like this hair style as it makes me feel as if my hair is a lot longer than it actually is. I have parted my hair as it I were to put it into a bit-up-and-a-bit-down style. But instead I have lifted the top part up slightly, and gripped it with a blue and yellow jaw clip. This also means that when I need to reposition the clip, if my hair has lost it's "poof", I don't have to take it fully out and lose my style completely. I think it kind of looks like it's in a pony tail from the front, which gives the longer hair effect. If you grab hair from around half way behind your ear and scrape it back into the top, this can also give the effect of a longer ponytail.
A long necklace was an obvious choice, a chunky beady necklace it best as a ling chain would get lost in the knitted pattern of the jumper.  I wore a golden bracelet with small gemstones in, similar colours to the necklace, and had 2 gold rings (one on each hand, but on different fingers to spice things up a little, HeHe!)
October Sun Style!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 2nd October!

Hey Guys!

What am I finding catchy this week? Well...

1. Little Mix- DNA
I think that this is totally different from wings. It sounds a little creepy like their E.T performance, but it has sweet and loving lyrics, which is a little confusing. The lyrics video is a bit gothicy and dark, a change from the bright bold colours and shapes of Wings.

2. Rihanna- Diamonds
I read an interesting point that recently, Rihanna's lead singles from new albums have been all dancey and have strong pop vibes. But this lead single for her 7th album is a nice change, and gives us a slower uplifting ballad.

3. Leonas Lewis- Glassheart
When i first heard Leona perform this last year, I thought it was more ballad and only a little dancey. But now this official song has been played, I've found it's even got a sprinkling of dubstep in it. Not at all what I was expecting from old Leona. Nonetheless it is still super catchy, and I totally get the meaning of glassheart.

4. Vince Kidd- Sick Love
I actually forgot that I heard this the other week, it was only when the chorus kicked in I was, like, singing along.It features Lady Leshurr, who I actually think is pretty good. I might have a little looksie for some of her other stuff. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't really like Vince on The Voice UK because I thought her was a little full of himself, but there's no denying her can totally sing. Maybe I'm changing my mind about him.

5. Bruno Mars- Locked Out Of Heaven
Bruno is back with his loving lyrics and must-boogey music. This track reminds me of old Police songs with the sound of the guitars. It doesn't sound as upbeat and I wouldn't think of it as typical Pop music. But the chorus is stuck in my head with the lo-o-o-o-ong parts.

Getting groovy!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Relaxed Egyptian

Hey Guys!
Just back from work and I thought I'd show you my outfit from today. I used to wear really dressy outfits with my heels and dresses to work. But I've come to the conclusion that, as I'm working at a theatre group with little kids and I don't really know what I'm going to be doing, I should probs wear relaxed/movable clothes until I know what's suitable to wear. Sadly, the "Oh, you look nice!" and "I like your ____" comments aren't as frequent, but I guess that's the price I may for not making an idiot of myself when my movement is obstructed by my clothes.
I really like this top, but I don't find that I really have a lot that goes with it. As it's a cropped top, I wear a white vest top underneath as, 1) I'm not confident in flaunting my tum and 2) It's Autumn/Winter and really not the right temperature to be flaunting a lot tbh! Any other pale top would work well underneath too, depending on what else you choose to team the cropped top with. This one is a pale salmon colour so maybe even a duck egg blue top would work. I like the cut away shoulder detail and the edge of the sleeves are decorated with little sparkly gemstones. This is one of my few tops with a graphic design on and as the design is black, this is the colour I based the rest of my outfit on. I chose a black cardigan and black leggings (with black tights on underneath, natch!). I was toying with the idea of wearing a pair of tan/tobacco coloured chinos instead of leggings, which would have worked just as well too.
I decided to accessorise with rings and bracelets because the top has gold and silvery bits on it too. I've got a group of black, white and tan thread handmade bracelets on my left hand. On the right, I have one of my ring-bracelet combo pieces, this one has a little skull in the middle and the rest of the sequins and beads have a pastel/peach/salmon colour theme. I also have a simple joined heart band around my thumb.
I wore my hair up in a ponytail, because I wanted it off my shoulders so I could show off the cutout shoulder detail. Also, I'm malting and I didn't want to be finding my hair all over my tops instead of on my head. Oops!
Walk like and Egyptian!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 25th September!

Hey Guys!

Here's what I've been grooving out to this week:

1. Robbie Williams- Candy
I know this has been around a few weeks now, but my friend said it wasn't so good so I steered clear from it. But having woken up to it recently, I've decided I really like it! It's really poppy but the lyrics actually take a dig at the girl the song is about. It's Kaya Scodelario in the video, I thought I recognised her. It's weird thinking she's like 20, she looks way more grown up!
Fave bit: "Hey Ho, here she goes...dumdedum"

2. One Direction- Live While We're Young
I like to have a little guess as to how hotly anticipated songs will sound, and I wasn't too far from the actually tune of this! Some peeps have called it What Makes You Beautiful Mark II, but I think it's a little different. However with the lyrics, can you imagine little 7/8 year olds singing, "Tonight lets get some!".
Fave Bit: Zayn's bridge part, then it's time to PARTAAAY!

3. Calvin Harris- Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch
After the success of Calvin's remix of Florence and the Machine's Specturm, I'm not surprised they've decided to work together again! I actually think Florence's voice suits dancey songs really well, as well as slower songs. The video is a little angry, but quite cool and arty at the end where Flo and the man are acting the same way in different circumstances and places.
Fave Bit: When Calvin's beats start to get quicker as Florence chants "I'm living on such Sweet Nothing".

4. The Cab- Bad
Apparently this group are some of Ed Sheeran's friends, and they sound pretty cool. I didn't realise that the vid has been around for a year already! I've only just begun hearing it on the radio The video is really sweet mixing text and image, then a little saucy, and then ends like "Stop texting my girlfriend" awkward!
Fave Bit: I like how it starts out sounding accousticy then the music builds and his voice sound more powerful.

5. Conor Maynard- Turn Around ft. Ne-Yo
I know I mentioned this when the lyrics video came out. But here's the actual video and Conor is looking haaawt!

Laters peeps!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow
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